Thicker Oil?

Hi Just wanted to ask which oil would you recommend for my 93 gto - i have a small amount of blue smoke…

Hi Lee, I use Fuchs oil, have a look at the Opie oil posts on here, you can then decide what to buy.

All the people who would answer you are on Japfest, no doubt enjoying themselves. Me, I had to work so couldn’t go :cry:

Terry :sunglasses:


Pro s 10w50 full synthetic

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Hi Terry
Thanks for getting back to me - i cleaned the pcv valve and it has cured the blue smoke! and it also goes so much quicker! im so so pleased! thanks for the info re oil too!

Fuchs Titan Unic Plus Ultra 10w-40 Fully Syn (good for 6000mls)
Silkolene PRO S 10w-50 or 5w-40 Ester Fully Syn (good for 10-12000mls)

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Hello, The blue smoke could be caused from turbo seals or engine oil rigs losing their compression causing “blow by”. A thicker oil weight may help maintain the engine.

A rebuild may eventually be in order of either the engine or turbos or both depending upon the quantity of blue smoke and under what conditions.

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Fuchs Pro S 10 w 50 Fully Synthetic.

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Thanks Steve - turned out it was just the PCV valve so was a cheap and easy fix!

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