Think I have a spun bearing

I bought a 91 twin turbo manual very cheap, there is a knocking noise coming from the engine

I think it’s spun a bearing, I have bought some bearings but I heard the crank can’t be ground so debating whether to buy another engine and doing the bearings on the replacement engine, how bad is taking an engine out of these? Should I try and repair this engine? What do people think

Hi Jake

Did you and your dad look to see what engine you had in the car ??

I did tell him how to tell for you

Cheers Rob

I think it is the early engine mate

How bad is the knock? Is it knocking all the time or at specific rpm? These engines might suffer from bad lash adjusters.

It is all the time pretty much but does sometimes go but then comes back, for some reason if I go on full lock it will die down not sure if that’s just a coincidence or not

Hi , I have just had the same problem with spun bearing on number 3 . It reduced crank diameter by half millimetre so had to get replacement bottom end and rebuild
Mine is an auto so managed to disconnect from torque converter and straight up and out but a ramp saved a lot of backache