Thinking of breaking MK1 GTO

As it says in the title, I bought a MK1 off of another member in here with the intention of rebuilding the engine and keeping it for myself, so that i had a standard gto which I could drive day to day and then a modified one for the weekend(my silver one). I cant justify throwing tonnes of money at another one of these !

As it stands at the moment I cant get it running due to various wiring and fuel issues, the best I’ve been able to get out of it is a backfire at the moment, although, the engine is knocking anyway. My plan was to make sure that the engine was running before I got the engine rebuilt so there wasn’t any issues with trying to start it after the rebuild, however it needs new plugs, a set of ht leads and a few hours on the wiring and I don’t know if i can justify the time and money if there are more issues. Bodywork isn’t great with dents, scratches, paint flake here and there.

Would there be much interest if I break it ?

Pm price for the wheels

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Ill have some snake eyes and indicators, working clamate face, rear speaker / corner cards

What exhaust is that and in what condition?

Not sure what exhaust, will have to push the car forward and try to get a photo

one of the rear speaker card covers is gone so probably no good

Decent active aero tray?

Active aero tray is pretty battered but both front and rear aero work

Interested in aero motors

Will drop you a pm

We’re are you located mate , how are floors right after front wheels? Would you be interested in selling those. Also rear quarter passenger side is rusted on mine so I would be interested in that too

No rot from what I can see, only surface rust on the underside and coming through the paint on the roof. Thats also why its a shame to be breaking it :pensive: but I cant afford to put serious money into another gto at the moment

Interested in fog lights, snake eyes and heater display please

snake eyes and heater display is already potentially sold, will let you know

Thanks Reece. How good of condition is the drivers side fog light?


Will send you a message :+1:

Forged crank, will need a to have a regrind before fitting £200 ono

Forged pistons on standard rods, 1 mark which could do with feathering out £250 ono

ECU, has been worked on in the past £100 plus postage

what pistons ?