Thinking of getting a 300OGT

Looking to buy my first 3000GT… what shall I get? What year/ MK is best? Also seen a MR version for sale is it worth getting ? Thank you in advance. Ryan

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I think an MR is a good spec, it’s paired down from the full spec TT, probably no rear wheel steer, no active aero or suspension, and less other bits as well so a simpler car.

It will be a Jap market GTO not a 3000GT which is a UK car. Some say it means Mitsubishi Racing.

Check for under-body rust particularly in the rear and general mechanical stuff.

But get joined up its the place to be and all you need to know about GTO/3000GT is here.

Good luck.


Welcome to GTOUK Ryan, few good GTOS / 3000GTS out there take Your time get as much info You can get before You buy, if possible take someone that knows these cars with You for inspection. If You haven’t seen this all ready take a look at this, lots of technical data and info available to Full Members also !


Ok thanks for the replies :+1: can you both have a look at this for me and see what you think… do you think it’s too expensive?

Hi Ryan,

Pictures can only tell part of a story and would be impossible to judge based only on these.

The car is from a seller who seems to specialise in these so may be worth a trip down to weigh up his others. From what I can gather he imports them, but I could be wrong.

They are worth as much as you want to pay, and the price of that is driven by its low mileage and condition I would have thought. If you have that much to spend on one then deffo do your homework as they are ageing motors now… An 11k one may still need as much work as a 6k one, the fact that it’s at the high end doesn’t guarantee trouble free motoring.

As the others have said, read the buyers guide and try and get someone who knows these motors to go with you. Good luck in your search and hope to see you as a member with a minter.



Hi Ryan
Welcome to GTOUK.
Hope you find the right car for you.

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Ok thanks for the advice I do have some mechanical knowledge from previous cars but nothing like this… I have read the guide and kind of know what to look out for… apparently the bloke selling the car has 65+ GTO’s in a lock up so will be worth going up to London to have a look… does anyone know or dealt with the dealer in the past ?

Rust should be high up on Your check list, first MOT was 4 August 2006. Someone here has dealt with this dealer and he was happy but can’t remember who !

Hi stay away from this seller all tarted up resprayed jobs way over priced by 1000s

Welcome to GTOUK, I believe Whist his cars look good I would investigate further… with the buyers guide and an independent garage assessment.

Some good some bad… I have personally seen the members car that bought one at Japfest and was impressed, how much he paid in the end was considerably less I believe than advertised price.

Horses for courses… I believe he’s had little problems other than minor fixes that we have helped with… and I do mean minor!
They are not as seen by an mot check online direct imports, so if it’s saying that check it’s mot history first.

Cheers Dave


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Just looked at the M.O.T results for the car I was looking at… where it states the mileage on the test certificate some say miles and some say KM but the figures match up… could this be a problem or am I being to petty ?

It will be a mix of km and miles, usually they will put miles on an mot unless you specifically say it’s Kms.

Some car’s are converted with a chip soon as they came into the, UK some ain’t.

Difficult to judge the correct mileage tbh on an import vehicle, look for any low miles between MOT or gaps, that would suggest it’s been off the road or in storage.

Cheers Dave

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Would not think so its just been written down as per the no on the dash. Lots of times Gto have been classed as 3000gt, when testers have not been clued up, its like the emissions test some testers have done a 3000gt test on a Gto etc. Just keep a record and when you drive it you can see how fast the numbers change so you will know if it records in k or m , if its been changed on import that should be known as well.
I would focus on condition and how it drives especially if its one of the top price cars you are looking at it should be 100pc all electics working, running sweet, no crunchy gearchanges or suspension knocks.
Go for as stock as possible and take it ftom there.
Good luck.


Ok thank you… sorry to keep asking loads of questions but I suppose that’s what forums are all about… another thing I seen on the M.O.T certificate is that the rear bearings on both sides had excessive play after roughly 20,000 miles do you think this is a bit suspect or do these things happen?

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no he doesnt import them

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Don’t want to scare you but I trust import mileage as much as I trust estate agents and politicians, over the years we have seen loads with the magic 60 thousand km’s come into the country , loads are clocked in Japan , take a look and buy on general condition and if it feels right , the mileage take with a pinch of salt on any import