This is why I hate Insurance companies

Got my renewal through at £466.13.
They included an alternative quote at £421.07.
So I went onto one of the comparison websites and got a quote for £296.50, who can guess from which company?

From the same one that I’m with now.

:evil: :evil: :evil:

hi Eddie
the excuse i had from my insurance company when they had a cheaper quote on the internet was “that this quote applies to new customers only” and i was already a customer - hence i changed companies and became a new customer that year with a different company at a cheaper price

I love feeling valued as a customer! :lol:

Very well said. All a bunch of con artists :frowning:

So having renewed my insurance, with the same broker, I get a letter from the broker saying that they are sorry that I’m not renewing blah blah and don’t forget that it’s illegal to drive without insurance. I telephoned them and was told to ignore the letter. A couple of days later I get a letter asking for proof of my no claims discount. I telephone them again and explain that I’m still with them and got told to ignore this letter. As I’ve just had to pay for my road tax I noticed that on the insurance certificate it states that my car is a convertible. So I rang them again today and I’ve been told that as it’s a saloon the premium is £179 more expensive. What? A car that is better handling and harder to break into is more expensive to insure. After all this hassle I might just cancel this policy and try somewhere else. What a bunch of useless thieving ■■■■■■■■. I’m going be ****ed if I’m going to pay anymore, especially as it’s their ■■■■ up. :evil: I can see why some people don’t bother with insurance.

Adrian flux by any chance ??? i just cancelled them today for similar reasons , now looking for ins , a 94 3000gto import , come get me insurers , squabble among yersels for the cash :wicked: