This Months Essex Meet 30th October 2007 **NOTE NEW VENUE**

Having been messed around for the last time by the current owners, I have decided to move the Essex Meet to a new location.

The new locations managers have welcomed us with open arms and I think this will be a major improvement on the way we have been treated by the Crooked Billet in the past.

The new venue even serves HOT food till 10pm and we are currently in negotiations to get own permanent place to meet inside the venue too.

The new venue is the Haywain beefeater in Stanford Le Hope.

Haywain Beefeater
High Road,
Stanford Le Hope,
Essex SS17 9NR
Tel. 01268 554500
Fax. 01268 581752,0.46654164&loc=GB:51.55071:0.46654:16SS179NRSS179NR

Upon arriving at the Haywain please proceed to the very furthest part of the car park when you will find loads of parking spaces.
We tested the car park out last month where we had 31 cars turn up.
Please be aware that there are speed bumps as you cross the car park.

This venue is just one junction further towards Basildon than the last meet was.

Any questions please call me on 07891-606913 between 9am and 6 pm.

Look forward to seeing you there

Cheers Rob

Post heavily edited by me for clarity…


Cheers Rob

What time you leaving Chelmsford Rob?

Nice to meet you all (a couple I remembered but the vast majority are new faces to me!)

Enjoyed a nice blat on the way home! (Obviously within the constraints of the law of the land…) :roll:

Nice to see you again dude… A good meet as always… got in at 2.15am this morning…

Now that’s what you call a proper meet…lol

Yeah! but what time did you start work in the morning :roll:
Blooming alright for some!!! :wink: :wink:


was really good to see you all hopefully i will come again maybe in the summer sometime, if we get one next year!!!


was good to meet you also , especially liked those gauges of yours Paul , and hope you managed to find your way home despite the sat nav malfunction :slight_smile:
Also thanks to Rob for keeping us talking so much that the cold didnt really start to register untill we left at about 1.45 am :slight_smile:
it took the hours drive home to fully regain the feeling in my feet , and sensation has only just started to return to my fingers as i am typing this :slight_smile:
Cheer guys , Duncan.

just another note paul , did you mention yet your 410 bhp on standard internals , injectors and turbos yet with the maf pro ?


guess i just did for you :twisted:

[quote]just another note paul , did you mention yet your 410 bhp on standard internals , injectors and turbos yet with the maf pro ?


guess i just did for you :twisted:[/quote]

stu (rascall) kindly posted a thread while we were still talking down there!! it’s in the data logging section!! :slight_smile:

sorry if i was chatting crap to ya all i know rob cottoned onto it midway through the night, it was just one of them days where my brain decided not to register when i woke up in the mornin!! :cry:


We should see if they can stick the floodlights on next time…seeing as it could have the potential to bring a few extra quid in for them on an otherwise quiet tuesday evening…

i can add lights next month :slight_smile: wait and see it be great :slight_smile:

I was gutted i couldnt stay for more than 5 mins :frowning:

Its a much better venue but yep it was a bit strange that the lights wernt on … … perhaps they are trying to get rid of us already before any complaints start :lol: …not that any of us drive like idiots when we leave :expressionless: :smiley:

Looking forward to Tuesday … Cant believe its been a month already !!! …