This months Essex meet

Essex meet is coming up this tuesday night guys & girls, if you don’t know the score by now then use the search feature! :lol: :lol:

Getting a interesting mix of cars for people to look at these days as members end up coming with friends and family with other jap cars.

Pete :smiley:

Present :slight_smile:

see you there.

Can someone please bring the sun back to this area, it’s currently missing over here in Southend…

Karim i had one of your guys waved at me last night …

I Think he miss took my stunning example of a red GTO for yours… and i wont have it!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s not that good in London either! Damnit - summer hasnt gone already !?

This poll is not looking good for Rob :twisted: … :lol:

Rich :lol:

[quote]Karim i had one of your guys waved at me last night …

I Think he miss took my stunning example of a red GTO for yours… and i wont have it!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D[/quote]

Hehehehe :lol:

You’re probably gonna get that a lot as pretty much all my collegue’s in the area’s here (ambulance stations at Southend, Shoebury, Rayleigh and Canvey) know my car and wave at it :lol:

Good turnout, shame it got dark and a bit nippy so quick.

Also nice to meet a new local member from Southend, shame i forgot your name mate (i’m terrible with names) but hope you had a good time.

Just wanna get 1 thing of my chest first though, as when i arrived last night Pete in his Laguna arrived just after me and started shouting that i drive like a c*nt because “i was trying to undertake him at a roundabout and beeped at him”.

I said you was in the wrong lane mate but you denied and i left it with that as i didn’t want to have an argument.

But as i drive over Sadlers Farm on a daily basis (i come from Southend, an my girlfriend lives on Canvey, plus is it part of the area i cover in the ambulance) i know the roundabout quiet well.

I’ve taken this image from Google earth to show you what i ment :

Looking at the second picture, we were both coming from the right of the screen.

Lane 1 (the far left lane for us) goes to Canvey only.

Lane 2, the lane i was in says “A13 only”.

Lane 3, the lane you was in, the far right lane, is for turning right at that roundabout. As you can see you can still go onto the A13 by taking the first exit at the next miniroundabout.

But i was in lane 2, following the line of lane 2 to go onto that sliproad to enter the A13 when you came from lane 3 and wanted to take that sliproad i was taking (as it states on the actual road in big letters that is what that lane 2 is for).

So you cut me off mate, hence i beeped at you.

Then as soon as we were on the A13 i just overtook you again, i didn’t make eyecontact or show a fist or anything, despite beeing annoyed about beeing cut off.

Though i didn’t appreciate beeing shouted at when i wasn’t the one in the wrong.

I didn’t try to undertake you at the roundabout, you was in the wrong lane and cut me off. You should have been in lane 2 if you wanted to go onto that sliproad and not in lane 3.

Anyway, no hard feeling though i hope.

I’ll start uploading the photo’s from the meet and will post them up soon.


i will have to make a meet one day lolits just so far lol

NO IM SORRY BUT YOU CAN ■■■■ RIGHT OFF. :evil: :evil:

You was DIRECTLEY BEHIND me when I was both driving to and whilst I was ON that round about and as I was moving across to take the lane for the A13 you was trying to accelarate around my inside while having the nerve to beep at me!! :evil: :evil:

What you then did was then drive at what must have been near on 100mph all the way down the A13 getting 2-3meters away from the back of what ever car was in front of you so you could ‘push’ then out the way, I could see this because you had to keep dabbing your brakes to stop yourself going into the back of people who didnt move.

Like I said, you drove like a ■■■■. And you drive a ambulance as a living ffs- you should know better then pull ■■■■ moves like that.

It anoyed me when you did it yesterday and now you come on here saying I was wrong!!!??!!! unbelivable.

Can we please keep it to a pleasant level of discussion gentlemen, or i’ll invite Tellyboy and James to join in and get Mr Staples to act as referee ?

Mark. :lol: :lol:

I was right behind you coming up to the roundabout but you got there a bit before me and you drove onto the roundabout just as i was coming up to it.

But, as you was pulling off from LANE 3, i was coming onto LANE 2 and drove straight onto the roundabout as there was no traffic from the right.

If you was in LANE 2 i would have never beeped at you, but since i was in the A13 ONLY LANE i took the wider cirle as i assumed you was going for that 3rd exit as you was NOT in the A13 LANE ONLY.

If you was in that A13 lane why should i want to undertake you ?? That makes no sence.

You even admit you was moving across to that take A13 slip round when i came round your inside.

Yes i did came round your inside because you weren’t in the A13 ONLY LANE, so you should have taken that 3rd exit, in which case there was nothing wrong with me going round you as you weren’t suppost to take that slip road.

And i did drove a bit fast yes, but that is my choice and shouldn’t worry you. But coming up to cars i kept enough distance (braked) and waited untill they were out of the way before i accelarated past.

I came close upto 1 car yes, but that ass just moved right in front of me without indicating just when i was about to overtake him, so yes i was right up his ass for a second, but that was his own fault, he should have looked in his mirror and indicated before he pulled out without looking.

You were way back in the meanwhile so you could never tell how much distance there was between me and the cars i overtook.

Did you get any good pics karim?


Wow, that is one bad mother of a roundabout, its no wonder drivers, get miffed off, with other drivers on it at the same time as them :lol:


[quote]Wow, that is one bad mother of a roundabout, its no wonder drivers, get miffed off, with other drivers on it at the same time as them :lol:


Yea, it’s called Sadlers Farm and it’s a big roundabout with 5 mini roundabouts on it.

I’ve lost count of the amount of RTA’s i’ve attended there, and you’ll see near misses every day there.

[quote]Did you get any good pics karim?


Only a couple i’m affraid as it was getting dark very quick.