Thought I'd say hi ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hey allโ€ฆIโ€™m Helen. I already know a couple of you but was told to sign up anyway :blush:

I drive a silver '97 3KGT TT which Iโ€™ve owned 4 years. Totally standard apart from a turbo timer but hopefully having an uprated fuel pump and b/c fitted soon.

No other plans to modify bodywork as love the standard look.

Looking forward to being a regular here and maybe meeting a few more members :blush:


Hi Helen, bout time :slight_smile:
Be good to see u at more events

Welcome to the club :+1:

Welcome to the mad house! Always good to see new members here. Pics are needed!

Hi Helen,

Good to see you on here. Hopefully see you on the 23rd for the South west meet, it will be good to catch up again :smile:


Hi Helen!
Welcome to the club! Put some photos up when you get a chance! :blush:
Ali :blush:

Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Craig :smile:

A couple of older picsโ€ฆneed to get some new ones. She hasnโ€™t changed though :blush:



Hi and welcome to the club, where aboutโ€™s in the country are you based? Plenty of members all over to advise, meet up with and find out about our exciting events calendar. Defo get to a meet if you can, the more the merrier!!

Nice one Helen, another local southerner. Car looks great as always.

Loads of members in the Swindon area recently which is great.

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Sorry Gavin only just seen this. Iโ€™m in Wootton Bassett, Swindon :blush:

You should have said sooner. Some of us were in Wootton Bassett on Sunday for a meet at the Sally Pussey Inn.

I know you were. I wanted to come but couldnโ€™t get the time off work

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Only just spied this post, donโ€™t know how it slipped through, I usually read all the posts I can. I see itโ€™s the right colour, ( now to hear the chuntering, pink cars, green cars he he).
Interior looks nice too.

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi Helen

Totally missed this post, welcome to the club and look forward to hearing more about your car and maybe seeing you at some meets :smiley:

Welcome to the club Helen and car looks goodโ€ฆlike most have said be good to see you at some of the meets.

Youโ€™ve already met at one @davet25. Lol