TICKET UPDATE - Japshow Finale - 1st October - Santa Pod

(David Perkins) #21

Someone mention JD :joy: I could smell it online


I’ve just been licking my iPad screen to taste it

(Spiros Kapadohas) #23

What kind of perversion is this ? :flushed:


Something that would stop you sleeping for the rest of your life ,I’m one sick mofo that has been behaving for the last few years :innocent::joy:

(David Perkins) #25

Cheers medicinal of course, love birthdays… what you want… ER no brainer

(Tracy Parkin) #26
  1. Steve & Tracie
  2. Craig
  3. Jensen
  4. Scott
  5. Marty (maybe)
  6. Colin
  7. Jerry
  8. Perky
  9. Lukas
  10. Leachy
  11. Mark

Tracie :bee:

(Mick Carroll) #27

Im a definite maybe for this.

(Kevin Rhodes) #28

Me and Dave are in :grin:

(Tracy Parkin) #29

OK peeps we need to get cracking on this as we have until 19th September to book the club stand, but have found out today the Club needs to buy the tickets in advance and post them out to you all.

So this IS NOW IN THE CLUB SHOP to purchase your ticket click HERE.

We must have a minimum of 10 to book the stand.


Please don’t dilly dally as it just makes life harder for organising and posting tickets.


Tracie :bee:


Done :sunglasses:

(Tracy Parkin) #31

That’s what I call quick lol.


That’s what my misses said 13 years ago this evening :joy::joy::joy:

(Scott Robertshaw) #33

Will transfer some funds in the morning

(Tracy Parkin) #34

TMI :wink:

(Jensen Richardson) #35

Will be done first thing in the morning.

(Jerry Gauci) #36

Sorted booked weekend as I don’t know what ya all doing just incase.
Jerry :grinning:

(Mark Leach) #37

booked weekend

(James Jones) #38

Sorry can’t do this as it’s Sophias birthday on the 2nd October


(Joseph Greaney) #39

Might possibly maybe attending…Falls when I’m off work but maybe going with a few people down here, but they’re unreliable, and wait till the last minute. So may show up with the club!

(Jerry Gauci) #40

Will I beable to drive out on Saturday? I’m planning to book a hotel nearby
Jerry :grinning: