TICKET UPDATE - Japshow Finale - 1st October - Santa Pod

(Tracy Parkin) #1



Day tickets start from just £12 in advance plus booking fees.

Further information on website HERE

We currently haven’t booked a Club Stand for this, it requires a minimum of 10 cars, so thought I’d put this up to see what interest there is, or if anyone would like to take on arranging the event with help of course.


If you are serious about attending, please post on this thread so we can gauge whether we have enough going for a Club stand.

Tracie :bee:


I would be up for this

(Tracy Parkin) #3

You mean up for organizing it, or going? :joy: :grin::joy:

Tracie :bee:

(Jensen Richardson) #4

I will be there with or without the car.
So close to santa pod where I’m working on the car that I can hear the cars running down the strip :slight_smile:


Going lol :joy:

(Tracy Parkin) #6

Attending yet another meet without your car @jensenrichardson …that’s dedication :wink:.

Can’t see our stand being full with GTO’s/3000GT’s so you’d be more than welcome to park the Elgrand on our stand. It is Japanese after all.

Tracie :bee:

(Scott Robertshaw) #7

count me in

(Marty_K) #8

Put me down as a maybe.
I have been kindly asked to co drive on the 100years run, so it depends on that.
Otherwise, I will be there.

(Jensen Richardson) #9

That’s great thank you. I will be there with the gto or elgrand.

(Colin Lockyer) #10

Why not…be rude not 2

(Tracy Parkin) #11

@ all those I cant remember

Lets make this a great last meet on our Calendar.

Tracie :bee:


Ahem :thinking:

Huge edit :joy::joy::joy:

Sorry your rallying the members not putting up the attendee list , durrr

(Jerry Gauci) #13

I’m in for this one… Unless is torrential rain
Jerry :grinning:
I will book this Sunday off tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get it.

(David Perkins) #14

Ooo​:elephant: been tagged on my birthday again, been a while since that’s happened :oncoming_police_car::oncoming_police_car:
Where is it again? Do I need to get a ticket? Is there food? What if I breakdown? Do club provide assistance in an emergency?
Can someone email me my ticket, I’ve lost it! Happy to go but what about the risk assessment? How far is it? Have we got a map? What about the weather?
Think I’ve covered everything :grinning::grinning::grinning:
Yeh shove me down then, let’s hope for the best :heart:

(Jensen Richardson) #15

Just get to santa pod, leave smoking in the queue for the strip and I will take care of the rest :joy:
When I’m done I will park it up on the club stand for you mate. Smoking. Literally. :smiling_imp:

(Tracy Parkin) #16
  1. Steve & Tracie
  2. Craig
  3. Jensen
  4. Scott
  5. Marty (maybe)
  6. Colin
  7. Jerry
  8. Perky
  9. Lukas

Tracie :bee:

(Lukasz Sojka) #17

Put me on the list @Tracie, please. :slight_smile:

(Jensen Richardson) #18

You up for this one mate?
Hope the work situation has eased up a bit for you, and they have found you a bit of cover.

(Mark Leach) #19

put me down for this always a great weekend
no car

(Mark Peasnall) #20

i’ll be there mate even if it kills me :joy:

i’m told there interviewing a couple of people next week at the moment things have got busier i’ve racked up about 198 hours in the last 3 weeks by the end of day tomorrow, so tired at times you’d think i’d sleep better but only the JD helps there :wink: