Ticking from engine

I have recently got my GTO and have started to notice there is a quiet ticking every so often from the engine.
After talking to a couple of people it sounds as though they think when it was last serviced just before I brought it they might have put the wrong oil in the car.
Has anyone come across this problem before?


Some GTOs do suffer from lifter tick, it can be made worse my adding the wrong oils. Some gtos have this all the time and some people upgrade lifters to a 3mm oil feed ports rather than 1mm which was in the later cars (depending what year your car is).

Most people live with it, if you think the oil has caused a change it might be a worth a change if it is annoying you. Can you remembered what oil you put in?



The chap I brought it from was the last to service it so not sure what oil was used.
The ticking only seems to occur once the engine has been warmed up and driving at low speeds. And the noise seems to be coming from the back of the engine.
As we speak I have a garage doing a oil flush and filter change with silkolene pro s 10w 50 just in case this is the reason behind it but if this doesn’t work I’m out of ideas, mines a 95 so not sure if it would have the 1 or 3 mm oil feed port but will look into that if this doesn’t work,

Yeah that would have 1mm , but that oil change may well fix it.

I’ve been using the Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 10 W-50 for few years with small bore lifters ( late MK1 TT ), no ticking only very very rarely is ticking for few seconds on cold start.

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Isn’t silkolene pro s now known as Fuchs Titan Race Pro S? Either way its good oil and hopefully should sort your issue.


My Mk1 had ‘lifter tick’ when I first got it, which didn’t go away when it was warm, previous owner used castrol. I did an oil/filter change to Pro S and it cured the tick completely and gave me a better pressure indication on the gauge. A few months later and I’ve started to get a brief ticking on cold start up but I can live with that. I may change to 3mm at some point, it’s on the five year plan. Hope your oil change cures your ticking.

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Thanks for all the advise, and the oil and filter change seemed to do the trick, hopefully the problem won’t re occur but at least if it does I’ll know what to do thanks


Good to hear :smile:


What oil did you end up using Chris

It was Titan race pro s 10w 50 from evil empire performance. I got one of their service kits that seemed to do the job

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