Timing belt change

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My first question related to my GTO MR. Apologies if it isn’t in the right section. Due to the car being a grey import there is very little paperwork with the car. I plan to get a timing belt change done. Any general advice as well as anything specific regarding sourcing parts and things to be bear in mind? Thanks in advance!

Hi Ted as You said this is not the right section, is lots of info and knowledge about timing belt change and parts also other issues and problems in the technical sections, but You need to sign up for full membership to access these sections and the full forum, it is well worth it. http://www.gto.club/shop/ With the info in here and advise from members You can do it Your self like many other members including my self, as for parts Genuine OEM parts is the way to go Rob at Evil Empire @GSXRKID will sort You out. Cheers


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That is the i am a cheap skate and cant be bothered to do it properly way

My kit comes complete with the correct locking tools FREE instead of paperclips…lol and the instructions on how to do it too

I laugh at some of the videos on No idea Tube

The idea of the torque wrench is to tension the belt correctly and not guess the tension of the belt

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We all have this…