Received this little parcel through the post today

Thanks folks really humbling but much appreciated

Everything I have done over the years has been for the love of the club and its members :heart:

Going to go on a crash diet now though , did try it on but it’s a little snug :joy:



Mine fits like a glove :grin:


It’s not a willy warmer :joy:
Congratulations Craig well deserved, you have had true dedication over the years, the short time I have been here you have always been a good freind from day 1 and will stay that way.

:kissing: Rusty Dave


No more than you deserve Craig :heart_eyes:

That’s enough from me.



TBH couldn’t think of anyone else :slight_smile:

@craig you have attended so many meets over the years, been a Committee Member twice, helped numurous members, towed the trailer god knows how many times, helped apply the graphics with myself over a long weekend, been involved in the GTOUK postal run and many more things.

Just a worthy winner of this IMHO.




:joy: forum etiquette he used the W word :joy: just for that I’m not releasing the pic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For the 2 and a half years I have been here you have been one of the most active members on this forum.
Always welcoming new members and always offering advice.
For 90% of this time you didn’t even have a gto/3000gt!
Still attending events and parking up on the club stand with the rest of us :thinking: :joy:
Committe/moderator both roles you have given your all to.
Well deserved mate


Fortunately I missed the meeting so forum etiquette doesn’t apply to myself , Perky should know better


Well done @CDMH, well deserved and I echo the posts from others about the help, chats and laughter along the way.

Good on yer!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


Well deserved :wink:


Congrats Craig well deserved you have put a lot into our community over the years, well done mate.