To sell or not to sell?

Hi all,

I’ve recently had a small accident with my mitsubishi and wedged it under the back end of a ford focus. Now I’m torn over what to do. Do I spend the money getting it fixed and pay my expensive insurance renewal. Or do I sell it cheap and let somone have a bargain? Its in great condition apart from the damage. What could i expect to get for a MK2 3000GT 67k miles twin turbo uk spec wiith cosmetic damage to the front end? Has anyone else done anything similar and know how much it might cost to fix? It was very low speed accident and hardly done any damage apart from pressing the bumper in so the bonnet doesnt shut properly. Probably needs a new bumper and the bonnet has a couple of small creases.

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Repair it !!! All day long !!! I’m sure that the 3000’s are getting thinner on the ground and if it really is just cosmetic damage it wont be that expensive. New Bonnet , New Bumper done !!! Get some pictures of the damage up. Some forum users have repaired cars that seem to have been a lot worse off that yours successfully.

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As said above, get some pictures up of the damage and how good condition the rest of it’s in and we’ll give you our opinions. My 3000GT was written off as a cat C when I bought it and as much as I love it, I still know that it’s been in an accident and worry about every little bump and bang, wondering if it’s because I’ve not repaired it properly, even though it’s passed a VIC, 3 MOT’s, been on the rolling road, run at Santa Pod and driven to the south of France and back.

Just go with what YOU think is best.


You may need a slam panel and crash bar too.



You may need a slam panel and crash bar too.


…but these are usually easily sourced from breakers.

Down to you of course, but if that car was mine I’d keep it and fix it up. Good luck with whatever you decide.


I would fix it

There are many spare parts available out there

Good luck with what ever you decide


Whenever possible, always repair.

Hi Nathan…

Give me a call…

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We need to save another and get it back to health…

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fix it all the way!!!

fix it there are so many secound hand parts out there cheep, most of the panals are bolt on :wink: