Topic reply and PM notification emails

To my knowledge this part of the system hasn’t worked since the site was moved to a new server that doesn’t have email functionality.

Could someone please confirm the status of this, i.e. is it, or is it not working. If it is, then my ISP is overzealously spam filtering my mail without my knowledge. If it isn’t, then is it ever going to be fixed or got working?

I get all the notifications I am on AOL and have had no problems

I get the notifications too, sounds like its your profile.

Mmm, thanks, well, in that case Mark (T9od, or Toad if you’re MAS) can you check my profile please and check that emails are actually being sent to me if that’s possible?

Went through all this a long time ago with Homer and it turned out Supanet were auto spam-filtering them out. Got it going again and all was well for a long time until the server change, then not a peep since.

ISP is in denial. They say it’s nothing to do with them even though it was last time.