Track day - 11th Dec 2010, Bedford Autodrome

Hi all,

I’ve registered for a track day on the 11th December at Bedford Autodrome, with Javelin track days. If anyone wants to join me, feel free!

After the last one I went on (my first in my own car), I decided to finally go for the GTO, as the CRX just wasn’t fast enough. Anyway the track looks like a good one, with nothing to hit, and plenty of bends to test your skills (and see just how fast your car is).

Below is a picture of the CRX at Cadwell Park, I’m sure the GTO will look even better!

Also I forgot to mention it is currently on the Book Early price of £99, not bad if you ask me!

Hi do You know who is going from our club? im interested to go there but i never been on event like this one so im a bit worry. how the day is looks like? what time we will drive, where to tank fuel etc. can U please write me somethink about this day and how i can make a booking. thanks Peter