Track day insurance

Any chance you may be able to look into the quote I just got from Adrian flux. £139.50 which includes a £60 admin fee. I’m already insured by you guys, why So much? only need it for 15 minutes. Lol

Hi Beanus,

Thanks for the message.

If you can PM me your policy number or quote reference then I can certainly take a look at this for you.

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I am also interested in insurance for a track day, probably the same day and I know one other who would likely take it out.

Any chance of a group discount? I am also insured with Adrian Flux.

Hi Steven,

If you can PM me your details I can arrange for our quotes team to get in touch (This goes for any other members too)

The track day cover is not a set price, it is rated on the individual as well as the track.

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@gavin_naish I don’t know if you are insured by Adrian Flux but this could be a good starting point for you. :smile:

I was insured with flux until I got screwed over but I said I go back to them next year, I do have another car with a policy with them though… I think. I loose track lol get it?

For the record if flux are reading this it was concerning 2 claims that were still open and not my fault, at the renewal point we were waiting for settlement from the other parties but you guys considered it a fault claim until it was settled, despite having admission from the other parties. So you said we’ll add another £700 on your premium sir until it’s sorted, I said no thanks. Both claims are now settled in full with admission by the other parties and my ncd was not effected.

Anyway it’s renewal time come May so we’ll see.

Track insurance should be what around £100 mark.

I had the exact same experience with Tesco a few years ago but with the added complication that they changed underwriters between the 2 years so it got lost between then and they weren’t doing anything about it. It took 5 phone calls and over an hour on the phone being bounced around between hundreds of different departments before I was told “oo its all been sorted weeks ago”! W******S

Hi @gavin_naish

Thanks for the message.

Please feel free to give us a try when you’re ready. If you wanted to PM me your details I’d be happy to arrange for us to get in touch.

Apologies you did not have the best experience with us when renewing, unfortunately almost all insurers will treat an outstanding claim as fault until it is settled otherwise.

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I will dont you worry up until then it was very competitive and overall experience was pretty good much better than previous insurers.

Just one question though, do the flux babes work in the office at all ??



That’s great!

Yes, all Fluxbabes are in house and work for Adrian Flux Insurance!


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You lucky b*****d!! I work with 60 fat men and 3 old women!


Can we do a club visit to the Flux office then? :wink:


Back to business, if you’re still looking for track day insurance try Moris, they have quoted me £86.13 including an excess cover policy in case the worst should happen.

The policy would be £63.00 alone with a £750 excess, but with the £10.18 excess cover and the admin fee of £12.95 it all adds up. Well worth it if the worst should happen.

I used a market value of £5325, as they seem to sell around that and using non-round figures such as £5000 and £5500 appears to give a better value quote.

Will contact Flux again and see if they can now beat this as I am an existing customer.

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