Track day


This is just to see what interest we could get, I have always wanted to see mainly gtos on a track and wondered if it could be possible to hire one.

I thought it would be very expensive but when I looked around I found this:

I am not saying this would be the venue, but was interesting to get an idea of prices. If we could find 30 cars (maybe friends with other cars if we dont get the numbers)

I would suggest we make this for all levels in groups, very basic, medium or people who want to go flat out in modified gtos. We could take cameras to make a photoshoot/video to help promote the club and have copies for all the members to keep. Spectators would also be encouraged to come along.

Then maybe some camping to finish the day off, week days could be a problem but would work out a lot cheaper. Whats everyone’s thoughts, could be achieve this.


If its like when we tested there with the Endurance Bikes back in 2000 it’s more like a motor cross track than a circuit … so many bumps it will tie 99% of GTO/3000GT’s in knots trying to go round there at any decent speed.

Apparently it was resurfaced last year, to sort these issues. I would visit any place we would go before we booked it. Any suggestions of anywhere affordable would also be welcomed, even possibly a quarter mile track if people preferred.


Would be interested in this to give the westfield a shake down , wouldn’t want to embarrass you all in the truck :lol:

Craig :slight_smile:

depending where it is we’ll be up for this :skid:

i have been around this track,its ok i have been around in my car and in a lambo ,a lotus and Aston serface is all new its only 1.5 mile track,but was fun and i would come.

If you wanted to travel
The Nurberg is one great track,
But thats me i don’t mind travelling to enjoy myself


[quote]If you wanted to travel
The Nurberg is one great track,
But thats me i don’t mind travelling to enjoy myself


Gavs trying to arrange a trip to nurberg for next year. Have a look its in this section couple of threads further down.

Llandow isn’t bad but not as fast as Castle Combe and has some very sharp corners so best make sure your brakes and steering are up to snuff. :wink: not to mention mirrors adjusted…

I was just there a few weeks ago in my daily driver (Hyundai 2.7 v6 - the 160 dog power gutless wonder) and it was fun and pretty smooth surfaced as far as I recall… got up to 80mph whereas at CCombe reached 105, just as a comparison. However it was also 1/2 price of Castle Combe…and it’s way off the beaten track.

Net-I’d rather do Castle Combe if we’re going to do a trackday together… much more likely to attract signups and more memorable!!!

If you want to see the track from drivers eye view, I can post a flash video stream up on my site…let me know if you’re interested.

Castle Combe would be easier, I can walk there from my house :slight_smile:


Why would you walk though, are you gonna run around the track? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I cycled around it last week, that was bad enough :lol:


[quote]I cycled around it last week, that was bad enough :lol:


And you didn’t invite us all round for tea when we were at japfest, how rude :lol: :lol:

Anyway I’d be up for this.

Good point, everyone is welcome for dinner next year after Japfest. :slight_smile: I will also be on the gtouk stand next year. It will be interesting to find out what Castle combe will charge.


Castle Coombe Car Track Days…

The circuit opens at 9am with 15-minute sessions every hour. The circuit will be closed for a 1-hr lunch break before it’s back out for further 15-minute sessions until 5pm (weather/daylight hours permitting). There are a maximum of 20 cars on track at any one time and you will be alloted a time slot at the start of the day. Please ensure to advise us at this time if you want to go out in a certain time slot or with mates and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

Cost: £170 for full day

Pretty sure Dee looked into this years ago to hire the whole track for a day and it was ridiculous money

Craig :slight_smile: