Traders policies

Ellow, first post as a full member yipeee… 8)

just a quick post about shopping around and getting good deals for insuring two cars or more on the same policy i.e. mirroring your NCB

ive been buying and selling the odd car here and there so a mate of mine asked if i had a traders policy i enquired about it and…

…got a TT and an M3 EVO, was paying £670 for the GTO with 7 years NCL, and £1200 for the M3 on the missus name with 2 accidents both non fault (but still get bitten in the ass for them) :cry: , got a mate of mine in the insurance buisness to put a traders policy together for me…guess what £1320 fully comp on both cars me and the missus AND insured to drive any other vehicle fully comp up to the value of £15,000 :shock: benefits include £250 excess (was £500) like for like replacement, best of all i dont have to declare any mods as its trade and alls covered!

i was just wondering if anyone else has this type of policy and what the ups and downs can possibly be, it seems too good to be true, gonna take it out on tuesday so any input would be appreciated.


stig m8…took yer time to join lol :smiley:

I used to have 2 cars on direct line…and have always had a bike and car policy…

Insurance companies that do it, make it cheaper, simply cos you cant drive both at the same time…in effect yer 3rd party just moves with you :smiley:

not sure on a trader policy though…sounds dicey in a crash :frowning:

scoopy thanks dude, believe it or not ive had my GT for a year this month and had written a cheque last year in april with a full view to post it but it stayed on my desk for a whole year…paaah ill post it tomorrow i kept thinking, wadda lazy git i am :? …anyways thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

an update been talking to my mate and he says this policy covers me to have a permanent registered car i.e. the GT and drive any other car fully comp which is worth £15,000 or less, methinks i will ask for the policy summary and brochure, ill update as to what company this wonder insurance is with and the fineprint. :roll:


now i could od with that on the bmw, van and the tt, wonder if it would cover all of them?

i was recommended not tried them yet though.


Blimey, Julian Bailey owns a GTO? :smiley: