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Hi you guys, I am (as some of you already know:-) ) in the buying part of a 3000gt limited beckenbauer edition. I would like to know if any of you have experience or heard about a transportation company called Asstell transport? Allegedly they should have a department on Greenfield way in Leigh in the UK. My reason for asking is that the car I am buying is in Spain and this company is hired to transport the car, but I will need to pay the full amount (the car is bought from a private seller) for both car and transport before I even see the car. Me being suspicious from nature are having quite some issues regarding this transaction.
Any feedback of any kind will be greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Its not uncommon, you would want to screen shot the car payment and the transport payment seperate and show the seller that the transport company have taken possesion of the csr payment. Or make digital payment for the car through bank transfer and only pay transport for their fee

I use a company called douglass vehicle transport for my cars, based in worthing. Never used then abroad but it doesnt hurt to ask

i used these before but only done inside uk get info on each transporter and you pick the one you want :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the input I am told from one of my contacts that this I most likely a con so now I am going to do a bit more deep search and contact the seller to arrange something else. I will keep you posted:-)

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I have a contact that can transport a car for you. If you are stuck?


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Hello everyone, just to do a follow up on this it seems that if something is to good to be true it is actually so. This sale of the limited edition seems to be a well thought out scam which the bad guys in my case thankfully didn’t succeed in. Thanks a lot for the help and quick replies.

Sorry to hear that, very disappointing, but at least you haven’t parted with any money.

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Sorry to hear that Frank, would’ve been way worse if you found out after you had paid though

Yup i am left with a hole in my soul and a burning desire to own a beckenbauer edition so now the quest is set to find one which probably won’t be easy​:roll_eyes::grin: thankfully I am not left with a hole in pocket and i am very pleased with my suspicious nature for once​:joy:


Sorry to hear that Frank.
I hope you find the car for you.