Travelling to JAE 2015

Just a quick note to all traveling up to JAE. Last Thursday when I was coming back from the Scotland road trip down the A1 heading to Milton Keynes. I noticed that the junction for Newark (North bound) was tailed back for approx 5 miles.

This is due to when coming off the A1 north bound you have 2 roundabouts which cause them to be back logged up, so might be worth having a look at an alternative route either before leaving or when approaching, to avoid being caught in the tail back.

This is just a heads up so know what to expect, might possibly be the same for those coming up on the Friday as well.


Cheers for the heads up @davet25

Craig :sunglasses:

Thanks for this.

Are many people gonna travel up together?

Cheers for that!

Not a bad idea for a convoy of some sorts.
Guess it’s find fellow nutters from local or near by and go together. Or have a meet up point and time.

Who’s coming from where?

Me… swindon.

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Me, Evesham, going the M42/ M1 route as the Bagington Roundabout for the M69 takes chuffin ages, took me 1 1/2 hrs just to get through going to the birthday bash, nightmare :weary:

Terry :sunglasses:


I’m coming from Rugby