Try Classicline insurance - great quote on Mk '94 TT

Just got a quote from Classicline insurance (01455 639000) on a GTO Mk2 TT '94, (no mods declared), cat 1 alarm, garaged, with limited 5,000 miles pa, age 48

£250 voluntary excess body/machanics
£50 glass

only £308

That’s pretty darn good I’d say.
Anyone know where it might be beaten?
I’d be most interested to know.

try Heritige car insurrance…

25years old - SP50 and SP30 Speeding penalties
4 Years no claims
Low crime area
CAT 2 Alarm

5000 miles per Annum - £400TPFT and £600FC which is good for me, give them a shot.