Trying to find my car

Hi everyone, its a long time since ive been active and i wish i could say better reasons had brought me back. Due to a seperation my car was left at my old address. The short storey is its now not there. It was collected yesterday and im trying to find it. Shes a unfinsihed project thats been sat for almost 3 years now. She was listed on facebook by my ex partner. The car will have been picked up from huddersfield and will have my name on the log book. Effectivly the car is stolen. Has anyone on here seen it or bought it?

Appologies if this isnt allowed i just want to find my car, even if i cant get her back id like to know where she is. I still have the engine block.


Thankyou in advance and appogoes if this isnt allowed.

Hi @ollie.s.hirst ,

From first hand experience you need to prove ownership- by either a receipt or back statement showing a payment for the car or another form of evidence. Unfortunately in the eyes of the law the registered keeper/ V5 does not prove ownership.

You should report the car as stolen immediately with the police as well as seek legal advice.



When i did speak to the police they said because she has the log book they cant do anything ordered statements from EBAY but they have not arrived yet as it only shows purchases for a few years. But it looks like its sold and been taken before i could get the proof off ebay.

I’m just hoping i can find it, then buy her back.

Thanks again


Did you pay with PayPal via eBay? Those statements might be more readily available for past years

I’m not sure, i dont think i did because i cant find it on paypal app. I think i bid on ebay and paud cash on collection but it was some years ago now.

Just hope that somone might know where she is and be open to talking.

If the ebay lists pull through then i should be able to proove i bought her

I remember seeing this post about the sale of this car on Facebook somewhere

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Found it


Thankyou, this is the car although the registration shown was sold to another member some years ago so its just on the original reg. I’m told by the neighbours its no longer on the drive. I am going to assume its been bought to strip for parts.

The strange thing is the add still says its available!

Thanks again