Trying to pay for full membership

Hi. I’m trying to pay for full membership and want to pay by debit card but it keeps asking me to login to my PayPal account. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers Gary

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PayPal should give an option to make a one off payment without an account unless it’s changed, but yes we only use PayPal for payments.

I just wish l could use a card as well!

Says you can use a credit card to make one off payment not debit


Yes it says you can pay by credit card but you only have a link to proceed to PayPal and then it askes you to log into your Pay Pal account but doesn’t give you any links to do that.

That’s what l found as well.

They are going to lose lots of potential members if the payment process doesn’t work.

I was trying to pay for JAE tickets.

I am happy to take cheques or cash at events, we are howvever a small car club, and don’t have the ability to take credit or debit cards direct, this is due to the cost of running a bank account, that can do these functions

if you want to pay by cheque please pm me


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Hi Simon
Its no worries for me, no issues at all, only flagged it up as it said you could and then would not work.
I can pay on the day or send a cheque for food whatever is best for the club.
Looking forward to the meets.
Cheers Si

It’s okay I’ve got it sorted now. I’m now a full member. Thanks


Congratulations if You wish PM me the first part of Your Postcode and I’ll add You on the Good Guys location map it’s hassle and £ … free :grin: