Trying to post in Technical section but cant?



Its there anything wrong with my memebership because I cant seem to post anything except in traders, newbie, membership queries, and I think insurance.

Or am I just a complete 'tard?


P.S Mock me, but still help me! :slight_smile:


Those sections you cant see are for full.paying members only,20 quid a year will get you full access to the club and subsidised meets etc


If you wish to renew your membership @tower please use the club shop where you will be redirected to PayPal.
Thanks Dave, and Thanks @ScottMR :+1:


Thought I had a standing order and automatic renewal… oh well seems not i guess. Will sort out thanks.


Ive just checked my profile and it says “You have an active subscription to this product already”. So can you tell me the problem so I can resolve anyone?


Hi fella it’s not showing as full member after your name , this will be where the issue is , @Daveperkins or @stevie will be able to look into this for you ,

I have tagged them so they will let you know what needs doing




Just seen the posts above and perky is already on the case for you , god damn slick this site is now


I’ve checked my paypal account and the payment was never taken. I have double checked there are 2 methods, unexpired, from which Paypal can access for funds which have been in place since the dawn of time.

I go to the shop but as I say it wont let me buy it because “You have an active subscription to this product already”.

Please @Daveperkins or @stevie hope you can help.


Hi Simon,

Sorry you are having problems, this can be looked into, but I think Steve and Dave may be at work till later, so just bare with us till they can provide the information.

If I had to take a guess I’d say your Automatic Payment for Subscription on Paypal has somehow been cancelled, we see this a lot when it comes around at a time not convenient to the member, but once cancelled it doesn’t then go through at a later date.

But hang fire we’ll look into it and get back to you.

Tracie :frog:


Hi Mate,

looking through the shop orders, there seems to be various subscriptions and cancellations from you. This could have caused an issue with the software. I will resend you a new subscription order via email for you to paypal.

Hope this sorts it buddy



Right PayPal will work now going through the shop.


I’ve now checked out in the shop all completed with paypal confirmed order being processed.


Away you go then chap , the guys have sorted you out :sunglasses: