Trying to source an A/C pump for a mk2 twin turbo, 4 bolt fixing

Hello all,
If anyone is breaking a mk2 twin turbo and has a working a/c pump please get in touch. I require a four bolt fixing type.


I think I have one. Is the car a Gto or 3000gt?


it’s a GTO …

Let me have a look for you.


Hi fella good luck in your search , sounds like you might be sorted though , could I ask if you would read this post please for future reference


Craig :grinning:

okay thanks …

Needs to be a matching part number for the plugs to fit and the AC ECU to make it work

Just any old pump wont do…

Just so you guys know

Cheers Rob

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Grrreat so the one I bought off a mk2 may not fit my mk1 cross over like every thing else. May have one for sale too then, take it its all these numbers I have to check more ■■■■■■■ neck twisting.

And I presume you have to remove the pump to get the part number?

The part number is on a red label on the compressor body, probably under loads of dirt

Si PM me our vin number and i can check what one you need

Dave… I will check your vin later and post what you need against what you have

Cheers Rob

This is the new one

Rob Have you received my PM for my VIN numbers. It says I’ve sent.


Hi Si

Been so busy here at work not been on here at all to do this for you

But i am going to do it now for you and you will have a PM shortly

Cheers Rob

Dave you have one that is very near mate

AKA201A209 is the part number you need from your Vin number

Only fitted to cars built Between 01/01/1992 and ended 03/05/1993

MB946518 is the Mitsi Number

The one you have as a replacement is not listed as being fitted any of the GTO’s
But if the fittings and Electrical plugs are the same and the wiring colours are also the same, i see no reason why it wont work.

Hope this helps in your search Dave

Cheers Rob

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The one I have came of a mk2 l reg so later I suppose will get the garage to check don’t do big stuff myself anymore due to my arm, getting oil cooler changed and pipes next week will have a look then.
Cheers dave