Tuning my new twin turbo mk1 in hertfordshire

Hello guys,
Just bought a lovely gto twin turbo mk1… its been sat for 12 months and would like someone to read it and tune it for me ideally based in hertfordshire/ the surrounding areas.

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Hi and welcome to GTOUK .

I’m sure there will be plenty of recommendations soon but one that keeps cropping up will be Eurospec , worked on a lot of club motors now


Craig :grinning:

Oh and we love car pics on here , show her off :wink:

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Thanks for quick response… okay hopefully get some more recommendations more local to st albans hertfordshire!


Welcome to the club good luck with the car. Gtouk are at the Classic Car and Restoration Show at the NEC if you want to come and say hello.
Saturday/Sunday hall 7.
Good luck with the car.

:slightly_frowning_face: had to be Fuji blue didn’t it

My baby was Fuji blue , it’s a lovely colour

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very nice mate !!! yea I’m afraid youd need to travel to get a good garage to work on these cars ,eurospec are the best about I recon but a fair travel for me from Scotland ,a few have done it tho . my mate works on my car knows them now after working on his partners and mine and afew others up here lol

:scream: They breed like rabbids Craig :joy: Welcome to GTO BLUE UK David :smile:

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Yeah Fuji blue was the proper blue though , Mariana is just an imposter really , I had to take second best this time , still better than black mind :joy:

Disagree, Once you go black you never go back, try it and You’ll see :grin:


Hey welcome in. Very nice car you have there!

And sprios is right! Once you go black…

You end up with a shitbrick brown :joy:


Blue really stands out when you have sunshine.

Black paint is a bit moody on a non-curvy body, and it seems to be a popular colour with male car owners in Scotland (i.e there no sunshine ever).

I would ditch those silly wheels and get some quality 18" set.

If you want to “tune” the car, I would at least get the car checked if it had plugs changed recently - and get an oil and filter change in any case.

Remember that the GTO only has 360 cc injectors and a 20+ year old fuel pump, so taking this to a tuner you will likely be recommended to upgrade these before they are happy to touch it.

Yeah i love the blue… those wheels are horrible and will get some originals when i can agreed! Just driven it for the first time and its missing in all gears… so need to get it checked out properly… im hoping it just needs some new sparks… apart from that runs okay! Cheers


I don’t live too far. Well I’m Cambridge but its not too far. I can take a look at your motor, I’ve fixed them before !
Granted I used a wooden spoon and a pair of gardening gloves, but it worked.

Well in all seriousness when I bought mine I had issues that subsequently I fixed with a replacement of;

New turbos
ignition module
fuel injectors
Fuel pump
Fuel pressure regulator
Fuel lines
Fuel misc
intake manifold
Air filter
Air mass meter
Head gasket replacement
Gearbox replacement
Engine rebuild
Chassis straightening jig ( 90 into a pair of unsuspecting wheelie bins )
New tyres
New brakes
New interior

So as you can see its only a small list of things I’ve had to do in order to get my motor up and running :slight_smile:

Now with extra seriousness, I had issues with the ignition module (ptu) and fuel pressure, in fact with a new pump it worked wonders on my vehicle. Anyway would be happy to take a look sometime if you get desperate. You’ve tried the best, now try the rest.



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Hi john
Not too far away.
Well my local good mechanic gonna have a play etc if he struggles i will defo get in touch…
It drives lovely apart from constant misfiring lol!

Hi its a bit far but I know a great tuner in Leicestershire which he mapped mine and he tunes skylines, evos,SUBARU etc
If you want let me know and I can direct you to this guy.
Jerry :grinning:
Ps I do most of the jobs myself then I take it For mapping

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Thanks jerry i may be in touch!


Yes mate no problem.
Jerry :grinning:

Dave, just to clarify, when you say “tune” do you know if the vehicle is uprated / fitted with an aftermarket ecu? Or, as I suspect, do you mean it needs a tune up/service like plugs as you mentioned?

And is the misfiring like a popping as you drive along or do you get noticeable lack of power when it misses


  • John

Im not sure to be honest if its been uprated… yeah tune up like sparks and anything it needs to get it running smooth!
It pops when driving along i have to feather the throttle or it does it very annoying.

Pop with defined loss of power? like it virtually stops going or ?