Turbo o ring for a 1995 mk2


Just wondering if anyone on here has an o ring for the rear turbo on my mk2 as its leaking air due to its age and wear and giving me a right turbo chatter.
I will be at Beaulieu on the 30 July for the jap show, it would be great if there was anyone popping down with one ??? otherwise it will be good to catch up with you guys on the day.

Lee and Sue.


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I’m not sure if anyone is attending tbh ?
Please feel free to post pics of your car and say hi in this category, I don’t think you’ve introduced yourselves properly yet, any pictures :heart:
Thanks Dave


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Thought id say hello… I have a mk2 1995 twin turbo with glass roof ect… ive been playing with it for the last 7 years.
so I hope you like it?


Looking good, another car in great nick, welcome back l suppose. How about JAE.
Lets get all these new members/new cars to the show, l remember one time when we had about 70 cars there, be great to get back to that!