Two policies

I am currently with Churchill insurance. I would like to get a cheap runaround to take me through the winter months, but how do I organise insurance. Can I get one policy that will cover two cars (the mitsy and the runaround) or do I need a separate policy for each. Will I be able to use my full no claims bonus on both policies.
Maybe some of you have run two cars at once so some advice from you would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot

i run 2 cars and because my gto is an import they made me have 2 policies but you can only use your no claims on one of them.
try your insurance company they may let you insure them on one policy.
hope this is of some help.

cheers stu

there is an insurance company that will let you use your ncb on both cars, as they know you will only be driving one at any one time (not sure why no-one else realises this) someone on the peugeot sport club posted this. i will look for it and let you know.

hmm, can see some ways that this would not work in your favour if bad lusk were to befall you. say you had both cars garaged, and garage burnt down, which car woudl they pay out on?? i bet it would be the cheapest. i know this is an extreame situation, but it is the sort of back stabbing small print that insurance companies so like to get into thier policies


suppose you’d have to ask them what would happen, but surely if you’re insuring two cars they will have to pay out on both cars. but like you say, odd things, insurance companies…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: I have 2 policies with admiral insurance and have ncb
on both policies , but only one can be protected .
good luck .

I have the gto insured with direct line , my runaround is insured with them but with my wife as the main driver, even though she has her own insurance.

the car is classed as a second car therefore it qualifies for my ncb.

i doesn’t seem right to me but d’line sugested it so hey why not.