Under hood shield

Hello. I m new here.

Hope everyone is fine.

I am looking for an under hood shield.

Anyone knows were i can buy one?



Mitsubishi direct

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Heres the Part Number

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Make sure its not damaged by inspecting it before you accept it. Also have someone to help you fit it as its very thin and could simply fold in half.

Where are you in the country, what car, colour have you got and if you join the members will always ask about pictures. You get access to everything the site has to offer.

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi hello.

Thanks for your answer. Actually i m not from Uk. I am from Malta. But i bought the car last september from Uk.
I am starting a project for my car including engine refit some mods and tune plus a full respray. Its a first generation 1991 silver color. I hope that altough i m not from Uk, I will be welcomed in this group.
Something about the insulator, i have been trying from different suppliers but no one wants to ship to my country for the reason that the shield can be damaged during shipping. Amayama asked me for 300 dollars to ship and at my own risk.
I hope that somehow i will find a new one which i can buy.
Thanks again

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Hi and of course your welcomed as im sure everyone else on here will,i am maltese too living in the uk now since 2004 anything i can help you with on here just ask and even in malta like zoqdi is one of my best friends etc.

Hellloooo Jerry.

My car is at Gary. He is going to pull out the engine this week. He told me so much about you. Gary also said that if we need something he will speak to you. He is a great friend.
I never tought i will meet you here.
Nice to meet you here.

Well if you know someone who has a new underhood shield please let me know.

Thanks in advance

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With gary your in safe hands for sure, the mitsubishi dealership has them here new the problem is posting it to malta is risky as its so fragile but if you want to take the risk i can buy one and package it as best as i can and post it to you but as said its risky that might come damaged.

Hi @marbencosta21 ,

Welcome to the club and I can see you’ve already posted pictures of your car :+1:

As with many other newbie posts it is my responsibility to point out this a subscription membership club- with this you can post and also see many other sections of the forum providing information and advice for your project.

I can see that you’re based in Malta so we can potentially offer an overseas membership- please PM me for more details.


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Yes please do buy one.

Let me know how much it will cost with shipping.


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Sure i will. I will private message you tomorrow. Thanks

Ok i will try and sort it for you.

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Hi James

How do I subscribe for a membership pls?

Hello Jerry

How is it going?

Tomorrow i will visit gary and take a foto of my car at Gary’s garage.

The only problem is that my car has been at gary for a month but he didnt do nothing on it yet​:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Hope he will start to work on it soon

Hi mate im ok thanks hope you well too yes they are always very busy you have to pester him to get the job done i remember years ago when they fitted the nitrous on my bike took forever went there every day after work to try and get it done lol.havent forgotten you and will sorted out just this week and next a bit manic at work
Yes please take some photos and say hello from me.

Hi Jerry
My car at Gary’s garage
Gary said hello to you
Hopefully he will put the motor out by next week so i can start my project. Cant wait to drive my baby

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Hello Jerry
How are you?
Any news my friend?
Thanks and have a nice weekend

Hi siehbi!
Ive been today to mitsubishi and hopefully if still available i will have one on tuesday,the parts guy wasnt there so i left the details and they gonna call me on monday for availability and price and pick it up on Tuesday if in stock.

Ill keep you updated and then i need to figure out how to post it safely to you.

Tihux hsieb ma insejtex!

Aw Jerry,
Thankyou hafna tar risposta.
Andi habib iehor interesat . Possibli nixtru 2 pcs minhom
Thankyou my friend

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