Unfamiliar with controls

hey all im chris.
i recently bought a 93 automatic gto.
nice enough car to drive, but the problem is there are too many buttons and controls that im unfamiliar with.
i have no users handbook and cant find any information online.
can anyone help with what all of these gizmos are?
thanks in advance :wink:

Interesting name mate…seriously ? @CDMH What you think too many knobs ?


its actually my business name :slight_smile:

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loads of them, i have absolutely no idea what half of them do

Loads of stuff on these mate can you be more specific?

there are controls near the handbrake and in the middle of the dash, there doesnt seem to be any indication of what any of them do

Depends on spec mate some na autos have more than others ecs cruise folding mirrors etc

Seat controls for lumbar on drivers side and mirrors etc

it is a n/a automatic if that helps.
is there anywhere i could get info on the controls?

got those ones figured out, got a bit of a fright when the seat moved lol

Welcome to GTOUK

Big peddle in the footwell on the right handside makes it go raaarrr but no really go anywhere , big peddle next to it makes it stop also stops it going raaar , the stick in the centre is to make it feellike a proper car with a proper gearbox but its not really

Craig :smile:

Go through where they are and we will help you :sunglasses:



Think we’re on the same wave length again whisky time

nice to see a sense of humour on here lol. in bed just now, but will take pics tomorrow. thanks folks :wink:


No probe we do humour and help please excuse us well me it’s the drink :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome to the club… :slight_smile: like everyone says pop some pics up and we will help :wink:

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Welcome Chris and excuse the horrible guys in here, You’ll get used to them pretty soon though :smile:

Think this might help

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Welcome to the forum :smile: I’m sure the guys will be able to give you a clue when you get some pics uploaded.

By the way @CDMH and @DavePerky there can never be too many knobs and buttons…


I disagree @BexGTO there should only be 1 knob at the party. Buttons on the other hand… :wink:
@dfuk ignore the knobs. Figuratively with the people on here I mean not the ones in the car. I have a UK car so mine is a bit different to yours but should be similar I guess so get some pics up and I will try and help.
As said the ones by the handbrake you have left and right which adjusts the sides of the seat to grip you in (useful when having some B-Road fun), and forward and back is the lumbar support. In front of the gearstick there is the mirror controls, cruise control (if you have it) and active aero (again if you have it). Either side of the instrument cluster you have ECS (if you have it), fog lights, heated rear window (also heats mirrors if you have heated ones), and a button to pop up the headlights (if you have a mk1). This is all for a UK Mk1 so yours may vary. Just start pressing stuff and see what happens. If nothing happens then its broken so you don’t need to worry about it! :wink:


I bought one of these @voodooist666, not for any reason other than I’ve now got one :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Terry :sunglasses: