UPDATED EK2 Downpipe For MK 1,2,3 & Non Turbo GTO/3000GT

The brand new EK2 Developments JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Replacement Downpipe for the following Models

MK1,MK2,MK3 Downpipe for the GTO TT.


And Also for the UK/USA 3000GT Please make sure which Model of Downpipe you have fitted as some Mk2’s still have MK1 downpies fitted


This downpipe will benefit anybody wishing to tune and increase the performance of their car.
Much thought has gone into the design of this downpipe to maximise the gas flow which will aid the spool up of your turbos (TT Model) and also aid the extraction of burnt exhaust gases from the cylinder, whilst adding a deeper richer rumble to the exhaust note of your car

These are different from the one Dave Naxton has recently fitted, as we have the threaded lambda sensor fitting built into the pipe for the JDM cars. The 3000GT has its sensors built into the turbo pre-cats, So does not require this extra modification.

These down pipes are constructed entirely from 3” diameter aluminuimised steel, except the middle ‘Y’ section which is aluminium plasma sprayed thick gauge steel. All joints are assembled for maximum exhaust gas flow and the pipe has two high quality flexi joints to enable correct alignment.

The workmanship on these pipes is simply stunning and one will be available to veiw at the South East Meet for anybody interested to inspect.

These Downpipes are a perfect fit and come with all the necessary gaskets required to fit them included in the price.

They come with a 10 year Guarantee, which I am sure you will agree is an amazing offer.

These Downpipes will retail for£299.95 after this offer has ended, but we are offering them at just £269.95 to the Club Board members.

So don’t delay order from the Evil Empire today.

PM Me if you wish to order one of these Downpipes or post any questions regarding this group buy below

Regards Rob

HURRY !!! We are only going to offer this Low Price the once…

There are going to be 3 different models at present :

MK1 GTO Twin Turbo

MK2 GTO Twin Turbo

Mk1 GTO Non Turbo

We are looking into the fittment for the MK2 Non Turbo at the present moment

Regards Rob

It’s a thing of beauty :smiley:


Added Downpipes for all GTO/3000GT models…

Please re read original post

Cheers Rob

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