Updated Venue AGM and Japfest 2024 6th - 7th April

So its time for the Bi Annual AGM, this year we are going to do this on the day before Japfest.

The best bit, any Full Member attending the AGM will get there Japfest Ticket refunded (up to the value of £20) - please present your ticket before the AGM meeting starts. (one per Member/Car) GREAT DEAL!!!


Within the hotel bar
Holiday Inn
Bedford Road
Northampton, NN4 7YF

SUNDAY 7th April
NN12 8TN

Welcome Members,

Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed another fantastic year with GTOUK, whether that be at meets, the Forum, seeking help to keep your beast on the road.

So the AGM is all about you, the members and meeting other members that have only been a name on the forum, but at the AGM it’s your voice we listen to, so if you have some good ideas for the Club going forward, or just something you’d like to suggest, this this is where to do it.

We don’t bite and welcome any feedback.

Q. “So What is the AGM all about?”

A. In short, it’s all about YOU, the Members, and the way the Club is operated.

The Club is operated by Rules of a Constitution, regarding how we spend your subscription money, money generated elsewhere and the decisions we make behind the scenes.

Being on the Committee is a job, at times a very tedious one, but every time at the AGM, the Committee have to ‘stand down’ and be voted back on by YOU the Members, having proved their worth over the last 24 months to be there and run your Club.

All Members will be a welcome for you to be on the Committee, so if you think you can help in any way and give that commitment to GTOUK in whatever format.

So… the 3 main things which happen at the AGM are:-

1.Your Treasurer - Simon - explains how funds have been spent in the previous year.

2 You choose, and vote in the new Committee who you want to take the Club forward for the next few years.

3.The Committee listens to YOU, ideas, questions, requests, grievances, ways you may be able to help. So don’t feel nervous to stick your hand up and ask/say/suggest, it’s actually quite disappointing if we get to this stage and ‘silence’ falls upon the room.


This part - the AGM - takes about 1.0 – 1.5 hrs, after that, we go out for food, drink and have non-intellectual conversation
AGM Start Time - 15:30, meet if you like for a natter & drink at 14:00.

VENUE. Changed to Hotel bar


This was well located for the AGM and then Silverstone the next day.

Any members not staying overnight but would like to convoy to the event could meet here in the morning.

If you wish to stay you will need to book the hotel directly current it is £65 (6/12/2023)

holiday inn

Details here and Booking

Bedford Road
Northampton, NN4 7YF

Catch up and Dinner


I will book everyone in before the event, for Booking numbers, I will need to have a list below before 15 March 2024

Date - Sunday 7th April 2024


  1. Go to the Japfest website and click get your club tickets.
  2. You will need to register for an account and log in etc… and during the ticket purchase you will need to enter the club code: JF24-264 once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Tickets and passes will be sent before the event. THESE MUST BE PRINTED AND BROUGHT WITH YOU ON THE DAY FOR SCANNING ON ENTRY.

Club bookings are subject to space availability and we reserve the right to close entry before the closing date. DO NOT purchase public tickets for a club stand, as these will not be valid.

Visitor Info
Europe’s biggest Japanese car show is back at Silverstone Circuit for 2018. Experience non-stop high speed performance Japanese track action including spectacular drifting displays, a huge retail village and over 4,000 of Europe’s best Japanese cars on display from the UK thriving club scene. Firmly established as Europe’s biggest Japanese car show, Japfest is the premier event for the serious enthusiast with edge-of-the-seat track action all day; this show never ceases to amaze…
Show Opening Times
Club Entry From 7.00am

The committee would like to thank all of you Members for being part of the GTOUK family, you don’t need to be a frequent poster on the Forum or even to go to meets to enjoy it, everyone is different and has different commitments, but we know you are here… enough said.

Here’s to a great GTOUK 2024.

The Committee


Please add your name to the list below indicating if your attending AGM and/or Japfest:

  1. James AGM, Hotel and JapFest
  2. Simon AGM, hotel , JapFest all booked
  3. Stevie & Tracie, AGM, Hotel, Japfest
  4. Mike & Barbara, AGM, Japfest
  5. Rachel & Richard, AGM, Hotel, Japfest
  6. Joe & Chelsea, AGM & Japfest
  7. Lara AGM, Hotel & Japfest
  8. Angus Japfest
  9. Jerry Power - Japfest
  10. colin_GTO - Japfest
  11. Lukas AGM

Hello James
Ive just registered for Japfest 7th
Possibly can do AGM 6th will know in new year
Hope thats ok

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Add me and HRH (Barbara) to both please. I’ll do the Japfest/Silverstone stuff shortly. Don’t need to book an overnighter at the hotel because we are pretty close to both locations anyway. Ta!



Sorry we didn’t get to meet you at the Xmas Bash. Be great if you can get to this one @Lara, as a new Member I think the AGM will be interesting for you, how the Club works, what we do, how we spend the Member’s subscriptions for the benefit of you all etc

Then an evening meal at the pub, lots of banter followed by a great day at Japfest the next day, which is a free Japfest ticket if you are at the AGM :+1:

Tracie :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


We are up for it. Be fun :slightly_smiling_face: tickets bought. Motivation to get dirty gerti very shiny :grin:


Thank you Tracie :blush:
Absolutely be really great.
Youve all been so lovely, making me feel so welcome

So looking forward to coming along to the events and being part of a brilliant club :heart:

Thanks :hugs:


Hi Rachel,

Are you doing the AGM or only Japfest, just so we know for numbers :slightly_smiling_face:?

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

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We will do the AGM too subject to a dog sitter being found. If thats OK. The boys will be with us too but Sam can look after Alfie whilst the AGM is on.


No problems Rachel you do the logistics, I’ll just put you down for both :rofl: be good to see you both at your first AGM :+1:

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

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Me and Chelsea will come along to the AGM and Silverstone


I have now booked and paid for 2 tickets for the Japfest.



Angus & Paul. Japfest
Just booked on to Jap fest via the japfest portal.

Hi @angus sounds good - from your profile it looks like you’re not a full member of course you are free to sign up here:

I do believe that as per club rules only full members can display their cars on a club stand.



Hi Tracie,
Can do AGM also pop me down.
2 tickets booked for Jap fest

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I’ve just signed up. Let me know if you can see it. If not I have the receipt.

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Do let us know if you decide to book with the hotel and want to join us for dinner :+1:

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Yes all sorted- thanks.

Will you be attending the AGM?


No, just Japfest

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Lovely thanks James,
Will book hotel & yes please to join you all for dinner be great.

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