Use of copyright and unauthorised images

I am the copyright owner of some images that are being used on this website without my permission or consent. The images in question were distributed to only a few people under the usage claw of “non commercial use”. Please remove them as this is clearly a commercially operated forum/site.

you may contact me on [email protected] to discuss.

Many thanks.

AKA: The-Stig.

Yes we can happily remove the images, can you please let us know which images you are referring to, or contact the individual directly. Any problems, please let me know.


Hi, Pauls Red 99 front shot and Steves Green hulk images, from TOTB2013 and 14.

Thank you.

Ok no problem, I will also let them know they cannot use your images.


Your pictures have been removed, if you see them anywhere else please let me know.


I`m sorry but there are some mardy buggers around !!! In order to copyright pictures does he not have to have the permission of the owners of said vehicles ( Paul & Stevie ) surely if its a public event & he does not get permission then he has no rights to complain, Perhaps leads a sad life & has nothing better to do than trawl sites looking for pictures he may have taken. I suppose I had better say that these are purely my views & do not reflect in any way the views of GTOUK



Have to agree with Julian, if you take a picture of somebody else or their property in a public place, then you may own the copyright to that photo but without permission of the owner or subject, you have no rights to publish or distribute it without their consent and agreement to the usage rights imposed. Usually if that was granted it would be under the proviso that the owner or subject may also use the picture, and generally that would be assumed if not stated.

Neil’s probably done the right thing, its maybe not worth an argument but I’d contest the intimation that GTO is a commercially operated site, its operated by members for members and if analysed would surely come down as ‘not for profit’.

And if the members are posting pictures of their own cars purely for enjoyment of other members then they are not doing so for commercial gain, and the club gains nothing commercially from it either.

An alternative might have been to credit and link the photographer which he could have suggested. Same disclaimer, these are just my views, and do not take into consideration the fact the event they are taken at could have been a private event with its own terms on photographs taken on site which everybody attending would by doing so, have agreed to abide by, photographers and owners alike.

I suggest we leave this now as I know copyright law quite well, as we have worked in the broadcast market for many years and it is a very difficult subject. You both have very valid points and some of which I agree, but the chances are you have Waivered your rights to your cars being photographed when you enter a show ground as it is normally under the terms and conditions of your purchased ticket.

In this case the photographer is unhappy of his work is being used so best removed from the site, to be honest I haven’t seen any proof of non commercial licence in any of his email or nor am I interested, one thing we are not short of his GTO pictures or people willing to offer them. These were an out of date photo anyway and only used as a holding picture so really not worried as we want to replace them anyway.

So just to prevent this in future, please check with the photographer what every level they are at. Please ask them if they are ok with you using the photos, but worse case any problems if requested we will remove them simply to have no legal rows.
As for disclaimers, links etc that is up to the individual photographer, but if requested please follow their guidelines.

The best thing I can recommend is getting good shots of your cars, or let people you know take them or other willing club members.

Anyway this is now dealt with so lets get back on to more important things like topics about the GTO’s :smile:



I thought from your initial response Neil you had looked into this in some way, It would appear a complete stranger comes onto our forum & tells you to delete some photos & you just roll over & do it, whilst I agree we do not want to get tied up into legal battles I thought the least we could do would be to say certainly we will remove them but please supply some sort of proof of what he was claiming, The only reason I bring this up is as you will remember a few years ago someone asked the committee to jump & their response was to say “How high” & we all know what that led to. I was under the impression from my time on the committee that all concerned would from that moment not allow this club to be pushed around again.


These images are a part of a set:

as to the ownership then see the above link.

I am a long standing member of ■■■■■, if you want to use any of my images then it would be courteous at the very least to inform me (or any other author) of their use. For people moaning about being “mardy buggers” then these were NOT taken on iphone or other such devices but are a professional product taken on commission with specialist equipment, brushing copyright issues off as trivial issues is not something to be taken likely and if you are not clued up about it then I you stay well clear of it as even personal opinions can get you into a lot of trouble.

Anyways, i have a load of HIGH RES/QUALITY images of GTOs from the TOTB 13/14 event should you wish to use any of my work then its not a problem as i can send you watermarked images which I am happy for you guys to use.

Web master has my email if you have any particular images you want to use, anyway im not here to cause any problems or issues and hopefully this has cleared up any further use of copyright content.


The reason for the use of the photos was the individuals sent in the pictures of their cars, believing they could use them. I have and I will never use copyright images through choice. So that’s why I dealt with it, and please take no offence to this, but I have no need for your images as I have 1000’s personally. I think you may wish to inform the people you send images to and make them a bit more aware that they are for non commercial use, as they are obviously not clear. For that reason the club had no way of informing you as they did not know of who the photographer was. I do feel this will be a more of an upset to individuals car owners rather than the club.

Also Julian, no this was the not the case, I am not just jumping or being pushed around. The images had to value to me as I want to replace them anyway, so not bothered. The reason I removed them is they made no difference to the site and the photos added no value to the site, so for this reason I removed them, if it however effects any individual we would have investigated.

Like I said I have much more important things to work on right now for the benefit of all the members rather than worrying two photographs which I have no interest in (no disrespect meant to the car owners or photographer) as I have plenty of both cars.

The club has respected your wishes and dealt with the removal of your images, so lets leave it there, so lets move on.



Nav lets not fall out here buddy.

What relevance has being a long standing member of ■■■■■? You are well aware last year when you sent me 2 pictures of my car from TOTB I thanked you and asked if you would send me them in high res for printing, which you did - with & without the TOTB watermark.

So…I think and expect most people would agree , without you sending an attached disclaimer or copyright in the email with the pictures, it was natural to assume free use was granted. I do therefore feel that I was courteous in asking and you were informed

Julian, I appreciate your sentiments but II was in agreement with Neil to take the photo of my car off the website and was done with my acknowledgement.

This is not about bending over and giving in to any kind of pressure, as all who know me would agree that’s not my way. My car is photographed quite considerably and one photo really isn’t worth arguing about.

Type in Google Images… Mitsubishi GTO Hulk check how many are there, :smile:



I appreciate what you are saying & it in no way was it a dig at you Steve, I am restraining myself greatly to not say a lot more & as for threats from Stig about having to watch what I say you have obviously never met me, as everyone on here knows I call a spade a spade & speak my mind & that will never change, enough said I will now drop the subject much to my dismay, lol



How about a picture of your lovely mk4 conversion nav? Post it up mate, show us how good it is. :smiley:


sorry, actually i’ll just delete that. i don’t want to cause problems for GTOUK, just can’t help but want to comment on the misleading/misunderstanding/misuse of copyright terms and implications; he has been dealt with more than courteously by Neil/Nas who is a bigger man than I would be in the situation.


Save this being war of words , lets keep it civil :smile:

Nav used to be a member on here a good few years back and I have spent many an evening chatting via the old chat room.

Photo rights seem to be a nightmare by the looks of it , this will hopefully clear the way for future uploads of photos so we all know where we stand .

One to remember at future shows too if your car is being snapped :wink:

I have stayed out of this as it wasn’t my car involved in the pictures , I do however have my own thoughts but have kept myself muzzled lol

Lets take it for what it is and move on , its the first little niggle on the new site which in the grand scheme of things is like snowflake in the arctic , ie its insignificant

Craig :slight_smile:

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Hello again, is this still carrying on…really lol?

Stevie dude with the upmost respect and coming from a fellow professional in the design and print industry would you really hand out and distribute any artistic design/logo that someone else created and asked you to print purely on just an assumption? The email conversation we had was for you to PRINT a large canvas/artwork to hang on your own wall which i might add looked spectacular :smile: and i totally agree there are literally millions of photos on google of GTO and of Stevies fine machine so this ONE image should not even rattle any cages never mind produce such a long pointless thread. My point about being a standing member of the other forum was purely to illustrate that i too am passionate about these cars and have owned one for the best past of 10+ years now. Lastly no hard feelings at all mate as im sure you realised the last time we met what kind of a layed back guy i am and i apologise if i didn’t make anything clear.

Julian i have not threatened anyone at all, rather invited you to educate yourself a little bit on copyright issues as to avoid such things in the future, guess we all learn something new everyday.

Craig dude, your not allowed to comment any more as you aint got a GTO :stuck_out_tongue:

Gavin…dont think im too welcome here after all this lot lol :frowning:

Full credit to Neil/Nas and i appreciate the action taken.


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Of course your welcome, i think your about educated people about copyright. Would there be any chance you could post a copy of your disclaimer statement that you included with Stevie photo to show others what to look out for so they understand.

I think that would be a great help.

I have to say Nav when I first saw this topic I was totally shocked with your request.

I am not a bad judge of character when face to face with someone, I still have the opinion that you are a cracking bloke and you only have to see your car to get the passion you have.

Unfortunately I can not get my head around why you would have requested the removal of the pics, is this not a FREE way of getting your business and services out there? Especially within a club that prides itself in the appearance of these cars and the meets we all go to :smile:

Yes I do in my trade also have issues with design rights and copyrights, but for legal costs unless you can afford to take the chance, I just let them go. :smile:

Its not worth the hassle and thats why I agree with how Neil swiftly sorted the images.



Hello guys, in answer to your question Stevie about removal of said pictures and without going into too much detail here then i can only say that at the time these were taken i had an agreement that has recently gone a bit pear shaped which i am trying to sort out, its not complicated but with such matters i need t make sure whats what before proceeding. It was no ones fault just a strange outcome to a simple issue.

NAS, i do have a disclaimer that i do issue to my own clients and it was my mistake not to make more clear to Stevie about use which i apologise about once again as it is a tad embarrassing lol but i was under the impression it was only for personal use i.e to making a cracking poster print :slight_smile: aaaaaah well you live and learn and no harm done i suppose.


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