Valuation of my gto

Hi guys currently in dispute with cat D write off valuation from insurance engineer.
He saying car valued at £1200 is that realistic In the market place for a like for like vehicle.
currently got 90k on clock and is mk1 n/a auto
mods include full stainless exhaust
18" volks f zero alloys and hks induction kit
see photos attached.
your input would be appreciated.
full top end rebuild with mk3 cams, lifters etc

Hi, I was in a similar situation with an e46 330i… I spent a fortune on her and basically all the assessor will do is look at trade adverts with similar age/mileage condition etc… And then Base his valuation on what he finds…

What they don’t take into account is the amount you have spent on mods/upgrades etc…

I’m afraid to say you are fighting a loosing battle…

If your like me you will have your say and fight for what is yours… And still loose… Lol… I went through the phases… When you contest it they will tell you to back up your valuation with 3 other cars of same age and mileage… That’s where you will loose with these cars…

As discussed before these cars are as valuable as how much the buyer wants to pay…

The only way for you to win here is to take their offer and buy it back at scrap value which should be about a third of his first offer… It’s up to you to decide then weather to break or fix…

To put you in the pic… They offered me 1200 for mine, I argued the toss 2 months as that was half of its value and I backed myself with proof… Still lost… Finally I took a cheque for 750 and had the car back… I broke mine down and managed to pull 2300 off in parts in the end so a total of 3k…

Hate to paint a bleak picture… Good luck with your fight

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Was in the exact same scenario with my Audi A4 which was chipped, nice wheels, big brake kit, replaced full interior. Somebody slammed into the back of it.

Basically if you mod your car, you (a) need to declare the modifications to your insurers or risk not being insured at all and (b) you need to make sure you receive a valuation with mods onto your insurance, I forget what the technical name for this is.

As Justin says the best option now is to buy the car back, take your wheels, exhaust etc off and sell them.

Agreed value insurance.

Thanks for the input guys I know I’m probably going to lose my battle with the independant engineer report bit im going to fight it anyway. My insurance are getting involved now because they think the valuation is not in the current market.
my argument is that im zero to blame for this accident yet its me thats getting fleeced.
I have to fork out for the salvage so I retain ownership I then have to repair it then needs to be re mot’d.