Just wondering if someone can give me a rough value of my car

1997 UK 3000gt twin turbo
Just had new mot
61k miles
Full leather interior
Just had all speakers replaced with vibe speakers
Pioneer double din stereo
Having hks super dragger exhaust fitted Wednesday, still have original exhaust also
Hks twin mushroom air filter
Hks evc 5 electronic boost controller
Original active suspension
Active aero - not working
Pulls like a train
Sounds spot on
Original alloys

Has a bit of bubbling around sunroof and rear window bottom
Bit of lacquer peel on lights etc
But with a small amount of tlc would be perfect

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This is always difficult- how long is a piece of string?

For me personally I wouldn’t want to value it until I had had a good look around and drove it. I guess you can go off current eBay prices that can be anything from 5 - 10k for a 3000GT.

Are you thinking of selling the car?


I love the car, its amazing, not wanting to sell but if the right offer came up then I probably would

As above !

Have GTO’s been going up in price or something recently I only paid 3k for my tt and it was one of the cleanest ones on the market at the time , when I last checked on markets there going for way more than that now.

The prices are going up , however there a lot advertised with high prices that just haven’t shifted . Look on sales pages and you will see what I mean , the 10k,12k and 15k cars

I regularly check the classifieds to see what is about as I always have done , seems like traders and the like are trying to force these cars into a higher price range than people are prepared to pay .

With that in mind though I know full well if I bought a 5k car I would be pumping in another 2k easily to get it somewhere near where I wanted , but if I sold it the week after the chances of getting 7k would be minimal


So if I put it up for £7500 that would be a reasonable price?

It all depends on underneath also. Can have a great looking car but rotten underneath.

What condition is the underneath like?

Having a 3000GT myself and seeing others they are pron to it.

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Without knowing the variables about the car I would say give it a go and see - of course if someone really wants the car then it will be worth that money to them etc…


Underneath for the mot they had to weld a little bit under the seats they said, but also said apart from that it’s really good

If anyone wants to come and see and make an offer they are welcome

No harm going high and getting knocked down a bit, they will always haggle