Value of breaking N/A MK1 GTO

Hi all, what do you think the rough
value of breaking a 1992 MK1 N/A GTO is? I need to get some welding and a new ignition switch fitted on mine before putting through MOT but im seeing N/As with 12 months MOT going for less than £3k at the moment. I’m balancing up the financial worth of getting the vehicle back on the road. What do you think it could break for? 71k miles on the engine, original interior

It’s a really difficult question to answer - some things to remember:

  • if you break the car some bits will go quickly others less so - and your left with bits everywhere.
  • you could get more for breaking the car but how much of your time will be taken up removing, packaging and posting bits etc…
  • selling as a complete car is definitely easier and quicker.

Depending on what is wrong with the ignition and what welding needs doing it could be worth doing and enjoying the car for a bit - you can’t put a price on enjoyment.