Various bits for sale/free

Standard intercoolers, oil cooler and lines free to good home

Offers on the standard woven intake pipes and rear turbo intake


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Hello mate, could I possibly get a courier to collect the oil cooler and lines for me? Mine are damaged

Hi Paul, oil cooler and lines gone sorry

What do you have left mate?

Oil cooler and lines gone

Active aero module provisionally sold

Everything else still available

Few more bits I’ve got if anyone is interested

Genuine carrier bearing - offers

Fuel tank breather bracket - free

Rear washer bottle - offers

Freely moving active exhaust - offers

ECS control module - offers

Active exhaust module - offers

I will take your arial if it is still going?

Not 100% sure if I’ve got a spare working one, will have a look and let you know when I get home

I have one on the breaker which works as far as I’m aware, drop me a pm if you’re interested :+1:

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