Various Mk1 GTO parts for sale

After a very long time being carefully stored, I have decided to put some bodywork parts up for sale. The reason is because I am having some bodywork repairs on the old gal next week, and the fella doing it has said that any concerns I had were easily repairable in any case.
So, up for sale is:-

  1. GTO Mk1 Bonnet. This is in white. I have had this for probably 10 years, lovingly tucked away in my garage. No faults. It’s missing the faux turret caps/covers, and there is no heat shield on the underside. Just as well really. There are windscreen washer hoses and jets still attached. For a used item, this bonnet is in superb condition throughout. £60
  2. FNS Mk1 Wing. This was purchased at the same time as the bonnet, and has been stored likewise. It has been cleaned up and primed, ready for a top coat, but this was done about 5 years ago. In a similar, virtually faultless condition, like the bonnet. £50
  3. ROS Mk1 Tail Light cluster. No bulbs or wiring with it, just the plastic cluster. Excellent condition. £35

Due to the sheer size and weight of the bonnet and wing, these really must be buyer to collect in person. For the rear off-side light cluster, this can be posted out, but I’ll get a quote from a carrier first, once I know a delivery address (if that makes a difference).

I am not taking offers on any of these individually, they’re in really great condition. However, I will part with all 3 items in one single transaction for £120.
They need a good home.
If there is no interest in these on this Forum, I will be putting them on Ebay in due course.