Very high quote👎

Hi thought I’d post this up as I phoned up about a quote for my gto tt. Went through the usual info and I couldn’t believe that Adrian flux wanted £1188!! :scream::scream::scream::scream: my current insurance company wanted £480 which I thought was high lol I’m 35, full no claims no points and 6000mile mileage.
Rang up my old company (footman james) and got it to £243 with 7000mile👍 much better, can’t see how they can be so far apart. ?? No disrespect to Adrian flux it’s just that they are always expensive when I get quotes.

Wow that is high. I asked them to match my best quote and they pretty much did. My first price was high but they did come down.

God knows?? Always high hence why ive never used them, can’t fault footman james though as my Gto is my daily so not what you would use a “classic” for normally. I only left them as my s13 I had was to “modified” for them as they had a change of policy. Would love to use Adrian flux as there a respected company but there just never anywhere cheap enough for me.

I’m with footman james as well. Can’t fault them so far.

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Hi Stefan,

Sorry to hear we weren’t able to compete, if you can send me a PM with your details I can certainly take a look into this and try to establish why we couldn’t help.

Kind regards

Hi dan, thanks for the offer but I’ve already taken the offer. Again no disrespect just strange how one company can do it so low compared to another. Cheers stef