Vielside rear spoiler

i am thinking of changeing my vielsde rear spoiler looking for £200 they cost around £600 new i believe if anyone is interested please let me know if you want it pianted i can get it painted for around £100 just need your colour code i am not oppen to offers as it is an original and as new and less then half the price iff know offers i will keep it not rearly botherd its adirect fit for the mk 2 spoiler no drilling it takes about 15 mins to change even i can do it :lol: :wink: you can see it if you go to general descusion and look at remodeld arches may exchange for mk3 hoop spoiler? :wink:


Why are you changing and what to. I think the Veilside looks the nuts!


Hi Simon, I totally agree with André and it really does work with with your bodykit.


sweeet… swap for a mk3 spoiler , im off to tesco,s to get a trolley handle will post it to you asap :smiley:

i said i am thinking of selling it, i am not sure yet, you made up my mind i am keeping it thanks. :lol:

Good call Simon