Want to renew my membership with paypal

just read the reasons why the club does not take paypal.umm
2009 cheque books are really out dated.
2009 why post when you have email?
you guys really need to get with it.
i can understand what your saying about getting it all together (email ect)
but its so much quicker for the new members ,and i think more people would sign up.
also i would not mind paying the extra paypal charge.

any chance i could renew and pay via paypal as i only use one email address and i dont have a cheque book?

As it has taken you four months to renew may be the post office is the place to start and a postal order payable to gtouk for £20

As you missed renewal by two months it should be £40

So if you would like t pay via paypal it will be around £44

Pm me for details or sent a Po for £20


You also will need to post the signed renewal letter as well.

Rich :slight_smile:

you guys really need to get with it.


[quote]you guys really need to get with it.


Maybe—but we are a rather LARGE collection of dinosaurs and most of us seem very happy with what we’ve got :evil: :evil: :evil:

I’m just glad, for the most part, that its only dinosaurs that can afford to run and insure gto’s :lol:

All the boy racer’s can stick to corsa’s and gran tourismo :roll:

Sean and Connie

As stated many times before, as long as Simon is doing ALL the work that he does for the club, and as long as he feels that Paypal is just going to create even more work for him, then the committee stands behind his decision not to take it for memberships.

400 people every year seem to manage just fine with that.

I didn’t have a cheque book till recently, but managed to find someone to write one out for me for my membership.


400 people every year seem to manage just fine with that.[/quote]

Exactly what i was trying to say above :wink: :wink: :wink:

1 fill out online form, EMAIL it to admin.

2 send payment via PAYPAL , add a note to paypal (user name)

include £2 extra for charges


400 could be 800 :lol:

to easy
club likes to do things the hard way, send off a cheque (if you have one)
and take a seat your in for a long wait.
good luck.

[quote]to easy
club likes to do things the hard way, send off a cheque (if you have one)
and take a seat your in for a long wait.
good luck.[/quote]

You are not in for a long wait if you pay by the method adopted by the club and used by the majority of it’s members----if you don’t like it then the answer is>

Simples :roll: :roll: :roll:


a) When you post your form and cheque off, it goes to a PO Box. This is then forwarded to Simon’s house (the treasurer). Allow 1 week for delivery.

b) Simon batches the cheques up and pays them in once per week. Allow another week.

c) It takes another week for the cheque to clear.

d) Simon then e-mails Pete (the membership secretary) to tell him it’s cleared. Pete then batches the applications up and prints off the membership cards, approx once a week or every two weeks, so allow another two weeks.

e) Postal delays, add another couple of days…

…so you can see very quickly why it takes 4 or 5 weeks to get your card. We all have full time jobs and do not process applications individually - they are always batched up and a bunch done in one go. It’s a more efficient use of our time that way.

you are in for a long wait.

But then You had a renewal form sent to you in March , and you have waited six month so Five weeks is nothing :oops: :lol: :shock:

In reality I do the cheque normally on a monday, when I receive the cheque you are added to the full members group so It can only take a week Max to get Board access, but the membership card will take longer


When I joined the GTR Owners Club, I joined online, used paypal to pay and hey presto, got my membership card 5 WEEKS later.

:lol: :lol:


Is this still going? Wow… You could have filled in a form and sent it off with payment by now…

Seriously though, as I said, this is the way it is, and will be until Simon says otherwise. If you don’t like it, fine. I fail to see the point in these additional posts that you are making…

If it really bothers you that much, then DON’T join, DON’T keep posting about it and go and find another club. Sorry to be so blunt, but we’ve got better things to do than keep repeating ourselves.