Wanted battery tie rod

Lookimg for a battery tie rod! Thanks

Hi Nick,

I assume you mean the battery fixing bracket. I know @GSXRKID rob used to sell them - he may still have some - so worth asking. Failing that most people make something.


Hi that’s it, good idea I did just look and its 30£ new but I was endearing if anyone had a spare one going or one from a broken car that they don’t need.

Ok - perhaps try Graham’s auto world or jappattack both break these cars and are on eBay although sometimes the parts turn up and they will need a good sanding and paining- so depending on price and availability new isn’t such a bad thing.

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I have been looking for a battery securing clamp for a little while now, not for me, but for another owner. I try Graham quite a lot for this, but generally he doesn’t have any. So, best to construct your own if possible.


I have about 5 in stock and then it will not be available any longer as its now an obsolete part !

Get them whilst you still can !!

Might be coming your way for one!