Wanted : Front Active Aero

In need of a front aero tray, I’ve got a working mech just need the damn tray. Anybody got one for sale that want to make my life complete? If it needs abit of repair that’s fine.

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Hi , tell us a little about yourself and your car , always nice to get an introduction before jumping in at the deep end

There will be some new active Aeros coming along shortly they are just being finished

Craig :slightly_smiling_face:


How do you mean being finished? Hi Craig. Well my name is Will, from York and I’ve inherited my old man’s 91 GTO TT. Hoping to restore it the best I can. Bodyworks great but it’s in need of alot of parts to make it a good standard.


There are new active aero trays being manufactured ready for sale shortly , there are a lot of things in the pipeline being produced


Niiice. What company is that craig?

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@jensen360 will be able to fill you in with more details


Welcome to GTOUK , plenty of info parts and knowledge within the club to help You restore Your car !


Welcome to the club Will.
I too live in York.

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Hi and welcome to the group :+1:
I’m in Selby.

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Welcome to the club mate, I’m here in rainy York too :sunglasses:

Evening boys. Nice one, good to have a few lads round here. Going to need help sourcing parts. Need a 91 Mk1 tt radio!

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Did you want oe on the radio, as I have a double din that would need refurbing, belongs to someone else but said I would get 20 quid for it if I could, plus a bit for postage, but if you are looking to be stock, this could have been an option at the time.

Do you have a pic mate

Will get one asap, in the workshop, not at home will be there Friday.

Cheers bro appreciate it

Hi I’m interested in a front active aero system. I have a 1994 3000gt vr4 and I’m looking for a complete front aero system.

So if anyone is making new units or breaking a car I’m interested.

Any information about the front active aero kits being available soon?

I’m sure @jensen360 can fill you in with details , why not start a new post though introducing yourself and your car :+1:


We have the mould and have a few trays.
We have tested and you guys have obviously seen the video of a tray on the car.
We had a few issues and illness that slowed the project down.
We will be able to show some more pics later tonight as been working on one at the unit yesterday.

These things are quite tricky there are so many things to take into consideration flexability, rigidity, safety ,Strength all types in the right areas, mould type, to name a few, and you guys will need it affordable.
Some want carbon fibre others want o/e, we could pull carbon trays And paint them black (tonight’s pic) but the cost would probably put you guys off.
We are testing different materials which is time consuming and expensive, but has to be done as we need to know it’s safe. If one failed at speed and flipped under the front wheels it wouldn’t be good.

We have a material now which looks like it’s going to do the job and also be affordable.

When ready the trays will be made available to members here first.


really appreciate your update, as soon as you have the final product, please have me in your waiting list, as i’m badly in need of one. I’m restoring a 1994 3000gt vr4 and need the front active aero to make the car look oem, and be as oem as possible.

great efforts, and good luck with the project.

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