Wanted : Front Active Aero

In need of a front aero tray, I’ve got a working mech just need the damn tray. Anybody got one for sale that want to make my life complete? If it needs abit of repair that’s fine.

Hi , tell us a little about yourself and your car , always nice to get an introduction before jumping in at the deep end

There will be some new active Aeros coming along shortly they are just being finished

Craig :slightly_smiling_face:


How do you mean being finished? Hi Craig. Well my name is Will, from York and I’ve inherited my old man’s 91 GTO TT. Hoping to restore it the best I can. Bodyworks great but it’s in need of alot of parts to make it a good standard.

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There are new active aero trays being manufactured ready for sale shortly , there are a lot of things in the pipeline being produced

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Niiice. What company is that craig?

@jensen360 will be able to fill you in with more details

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Welcome to GTOUK , plenty of info parts and knowledge within the club to help You restore Your car !

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Welcome to the club Will.
I too live in York.

Hi and welcome to the group :+1:
I’m in Selby.

Welcome to the club mate, I’m here in rainy York too :sunglasses:

Evening boys. Nice one, good to have a few lads round here. Going to need help sourcing parts. Need a 91 Mk1 tt radio!

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Did you want oe on the radio, as I have a double din that would need refurbing, belongs to someone else but said I would get 20 quid for it if I could, plus a bit for postage, but if you are looking to be stock, this could have been an option at the time.

Do you have a pic mate

Will get one asap, in the workshop, not at home will be there Friday.

Cheers bro appreciate it