Wanted GTO mk1 in Red

(Marco Paonessa) #21

i wouldnt buy from them Ibrahim they are all tarted up one i saw was totally sprayed in the engine bay! and out side body if you look closely you can can see new respray etc…we have a good one but my son does not want to sell yet maybe next year…

(Leealliston ) #22

Hi don’t worry I didn’t his cars are tarted about with and overpriced awful paint jobs

(Marco Paonessa) #23

Hi there is a red uk leather sunroof on isle of wight was for sale at some point couple years ago… body very good bit faded low miles 47.000 ill put a couple of pics up we took ours next to it think it was up for £3000 needs to be rescued chris scott sales…did you find one yet?

(James Rowley) #24

I’d be interested if you have any more info

(Marco Paonessa) #25

Hi ive got couple of pics ill put up dont know the guy but can give you contact number hes got a car lot…sort out tommorow.

(Marco Paonessa) #26

hope it works contacts on sign …

(Leealliston ) #27

Hi mate thanks for helping out I should have updated this sooner I found one in the end with immaculate body work and sound engine for a bargain of £3500 but I sent it to Eurospec last weekend for a 60k service with all fluids changed with cambelt and water pump. Turns out it had a new fraud MOT :grimacing: so lots more was mechanilly wrong and my £1260 bill has now turned into a £2265 bill but at least I now know she is healthy :ok_hand:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #28

Why people do things like this? Surely wasn’t a GTOUK car !