Wanted GTO mk1 in Red

(Leealliston ) #1

Hi guys after a mint GTO TT or a 3000GT preferably with leather interior and in red.

Paul (Newbie)

(Spiros Kapadohas) #2

Welcome to GTOUK and good luck :+1:

(Leealliston ) #3

Thank you :+1: been looking for a while now all I can find have been awful wasted hrs of driving too :pensive:

(David Perkins) #4

Welcome to GTOUK, getting harder to find a good one now, people tend to keep the good ones. What’s your budget? A good semi sorted tt is anything from 4k upwards unless they are giving it away.


(Leealliston ) #5

Hi Dave I have a maximum budget of £6000 for a good one. Does anyone have any experience of this Ibrahim selling GTO s on eBay he seems to have plenty of them ?

(David Perkins) #6

@davesoper64 mate :+1:


Hi and welcome to GTOUK

(Leealliston ) #8

Hello and thank u

(David Perkins) #9

Have you looked at this one ?

(Leealliston ) #10

I did was hoping for the leather trim :grimacing:

(David Perkins) #11

I would go over condition first mechanical and corrosion over extras… take it from one that knows lol

Always cars being broken so seats are often available and tbh 25 year old leather ain’t the best normally… however it looks in a photo.

(Jerry Castle) #12

Totaly agree with Dave, the leather aint that great often could always do a retrim, but make sure on the car first, that red one looks pretty good, whats he asking for it?
Welcome to the club Lee, good luck with your quest.

(James Rowley) #13

My leather seats have weathered a lot better than the rest of my car :sob:

(Leealliston ) #14

Hi thank u for all the support and welcoming me feels like home already. :blush: it’s up for £5k or offers

(Jerry Castle) #15

If thats a solid car and runs nice, a reasonable bid might get a chunk below 5k and could be a bit of a steal, as long as its got good steel!!
Sounds tempting.

(Dave Soper) #16

Hi mate welcome to the group
I got mine from him he was ok with me defo salesman and selling at London prices so haggle and check stuff as not all switchesand systems work think of it as a project but as confirmed by my garage that I use he seems to sell good solid cars
Just check everything in out under and over.
Hope this quick message helps.

(Spiros Kapadohas) #17

Looks good to me too for a 1993 car !

(David Perkins) #18

Lol I’m tempted :heart::eyes::heart:

(David Perkins) #19

That’s funny :joy: few on here like that :rofl:

Historical looks ok .

(Dave Soper) #20

It’s a clone lol​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: