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Hi All

Has anyone any experience of dealing with a company called Warranty works HQ in North Wales. I sent off for a quote and got a call from them saying that they have a “silver” package for cars over 10 years old and under 100k miles . They thought my car was registered in 2004 with DVLC which it was, and they gave me a quote for a “platinum” package first. When I explained it was imported in 2004 but had a K reg they down graded to “silver”. I think the annual cost is £250 for the replacement of mecahanical parts and electrics.

The thing that strikes me about this is what have they to gain from insuring a car 15 years old and only had 85k on the clock which is a mixture of km and miles. Surely they must know old cars go wrong. Perhaps there is a logic there I can’t see. They also said they did not want any disclosure of any current problems!! So it’s a case of as far as I am aware my car is ok before I buy the insurance.

Is it worth it??

Your advice appreciated.


The logic is simple,

Most of the after market warranty packages available aren’t worth the paper they are printed on; so £250 for a worthless bit of paper is easy money for them.

We have had plenty of customers come to us with recently purchased cars with warranty’s that have needed work doing, not one was successful in claiming the money back even though they were all legitimate claims.


Thanks Russ I appreciate your reply and something to consider and even mention when they contact me again. I’ll also talk to a couple of guys here in Aberdeen and get their advice.

Thanks again.


ps I have a 92/93 Silver but bon turbo.

I got one from the place I bought my car - £1000 excess so unless it was something really really major it would have been worthless. And the minute you do anything by yourself it goes out the window. Mine went about 4000 miles after I got the car when I changed my oil.

Why would you tell them that you changed the oil? I can’t see that that would make any difference to the warranty… or is it just me… I was actually thinking of taking out a warranty for my daily driver as it’s approaching the 3 year old mark… In the past year it’s been in the garage no less than 8 times :shock: all manufacturers warranty work… I’m a bit particular on a newish car that it should be right…

Are there any well known warranties that are worth their money?



The problem with mine was that if you didn’t get a book stamped by someone affiliated with them at service intervals then it was voided. And anything none standard would have voided it…etc. Basically it was a little book of get out clauses with a car like the GTO as quite a few of us modify them and do our own servicing!

If you are thinking of one for your Volvo then have a chat with your dealership and see what they offer. With a mainstream car that is still new then there are alot more options open to you. But check the small print - as with anything else.

Anyway - I thought you were getting shot of it…?

When I bought my GTO from an importer I got a free 6 month warranty. After about 3 to 4 weeks after getting the car my alternator packed up and the warranty company (sorry can’t remember who it was with) paid up straight away :smiley: and very quickly.
But I feel if it had of been something like an engine I think I would have had trouble getting any money at all.
So there not all bad but it depends on what the problem is.

The magic get out clause they all seem to us is “normal wear and tear”. Even a car with knackered suspension joints (very knackered), that had just passed and MOT from the garage it was purchased from was rejected, even when we argued that if they were good enough to pass an MOT 2 months earlier how could it possibly be described as normal wear and tear?