Was up for £2495 last week, now £4295

I think this was someone’s on here wasn’t it? Was up for £2495 the other week at a dealer, now someone’s obviously bought it to try and make money on, so up at £4295 now.

It was for sale on here , owner part exchanged it at a dealer hence the price rise

Remapped, full stainless exhaust? Runs good but drive with wobble is horrible, 350 bhp lol

Why I hate buying cars, clowns like that.

remapped ecu :smile: prob still the standard ecu in it

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Looks like it has the obligatory work done to it (belt change, clutch etc)

Kakomoto make very good exhausts.

£4k-£4.5k sounds about right unless there is something I don’t know about?

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Yeah you have…the previous owner Joseph689 has said avoid as it’s got a lot going wrong.

Do you have a link to what the problems were?

All I can find was a thread when he got the car (I even posted on it lol) and spent some time on servicing and the clutch.


Still has the standard Boost Solenoid installed

Bet is stock BHP really

Thanks, found it by actually going into the classified section rather than using the search which completely missed the thread!

So it has a transfer case leak and ‘wobbling’ steering rack. The latter would manifest in a test drive so not sure how a stealer is going to hide that.

Ask me anything lol, hell I’ll go along and point out bits he’s hiding and lying about, I’ve already messaged him calling him a pen15


Probably posted on the wrong page. Need some more advice on gear cables and adjustments :slight_smile:

The tecky sections are only viewable as a paid member mate

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Ok cool, tomorrow it will be then.

Back on E-BAY again at £3895 now.