Was wondering how much a knackered twin turbo mk1 is worth?

i’ve decided to sell my current car and get a gto/3000gt/stealth, so i just wanted to know how much i would have to pay for one. i’ll have about £2500, maybe up to £2700, so would i realistically be able to buy a mk1 twin turbo? i’m not worried about condition or mileage because i can work on the car myself and high mileage means the car works :rofl: . it would definitely have to be a twin turbo with the pop ups, hopefully without a rear steer delete but again, i can’t really be picky haha. just wondering what’s out there, won’t be able to buy anything probably until lockdown is over, god knows how long that’ll be… i’m in somerset if that helps.

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Somerset isn’t too far away ! Be nice to have some more people down south, I live in South wales but from Bristol originally

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oh wow, the village i live in is about half an hour away! it’s rare to see people from so nearby on the internet, especially on a quite niche forum

The majority of the members on the forum are 2.5hours and upwards away from me lol

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well thats inconvenient, i hope there’s at least one member down south with a clapped out TT so i can buy it :rofl:


Welcome to the club :+1: I’m over in Wiltshire so again not too far. Regarding your search I do recall a member up near Manchester looking to sell a MK1 for around that sort of money- I think it needed a re- spray etc… also it may be on eBay or other such sites.

Also their is a buyers guide to assist you when you take a look at a car.


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i think i may have seen the one you know about, was it blue with a silver front bumper and passengers side wing? also is it common for one to come up for that cheap? and thanks for the nice welcome :slight_smile:

2.5 is a decent price for a tt

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so do you know of anyone who has one for that much then? because if so i would love to buy it

I spent £3500 all in for my mk1 tt , working with mot and no issues and daily drove it allway until this sep this year where I took it off the road to put a clutch but still havent got around to it, but that was September last year I think prices have gone up a bit since then , and since first lock down almost all 90’s jap cars have shot up price :violin:


so do you think it’s not very likely i’ll find a dead TT because they’ll end up being fixed cause they’re worth more now?

Not sure I still think there not the most desirable cars to work on. I’ve seen a few on facebook market as projects but they haven’t been mk1 tt mainly mk2 TT and they going for about abit more of 2k

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Post deleted by CDMH

Only full members can advertise cars for sale as per club rules


i wasn’t advertising a car, if you’d read the post you’d know that i was simply asking about whether i would be able to buy a twin turbo for my budget :slight_smile:

Brian’s post was deleted by me, I read and understood the post in question

ok so how come it was deleted if you understood the post because i’m not selling, just asking about values?

`He was trying to sell ,

your post hasn’t been deleted , non members cannot sell parts or cars on this site

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