We Can Now Supply Referbished Turbos at Stupid Money!

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply our customers with Professionally refurbished turbos at stupid prices.

Our turbos have their entire core stripped and specialist cleaned. They then have all new Internals bearings and seals fitted in a proper clean environment by a company who what they are doing and NOT with Chinese or Cheap rubbish parts.

The compressor Wheels and shafts are rigorously inspected, measured and replaced where they are found to be worn in any way.
The cores are then machine balanced and assembled into their respective Compressor and Exhaust Housings and we then set up the actuators as per Mitsubishi Specifications.

All studs that are damaged are replaced with genuine Mitsubishi ones, so these are a truly 100% refurbished set of turbo’s and for a bargain price too !!

Prices are as follows

GTO 9b Turbos… £399.00 a pair Fully Refurbished

3000GT 13G’s… £499.00 a pair Fully Refurbished

13T Conversions… £599.00 a Pair fully Refurbished

contact me on 01702-614469 for full details.

If you have any other requirements or your mate has a S14 for example please do not hesitate to contact me too as i will be able to help you too

Cheers Rob